The Allure of Curly Lashes for Mesmerizing Eyes!

The Allure of Curly Lashes for Mesmerizing Eyes!

Trends come and go, but it seems like luscious curly lashes have been a style staple forever. Curly lashes are alluring and timeless; people across time and culture have been developing ways to get the sexiest, curliest lashes since the dawn of mankind. 

What is it about curly lashes that drive us crazy? And more importantly, how can we have the curly lashes of our dreams every time with no struggle? 

You can turn to the experts at Lashify for answers to those common burning questions.

Why Do We Find Curly Lashes So Attractive?

The Science

Dark, long, curly eyelashes are healthy eyelashes. Biologically speaking, healthy eyelashes are a good indicator of overall health. 

Many diseases, from dehydration to severe congenital conditions, can cause eyelash thinning, and when you consider how humans are programmed to look for ideal mates, an ideal mate is certainly without diseases. 

The psychology behind why we find dark, curly eyelashes attractive is quite fascinating. Behavioral scientists across a few studies during the 20th century found that across many species, the young (the cute lil’ babies that we’re wired to love and protect) had a common feature: big eyes compared to the rest of the face. 

Studies then found that when adults, specifically humans, exhibit that feature, it elicits the same love-and-protect response from other adults. The studies suggest that the same is true for other “babyish” features, like small chins, high eyebrows, and round eyes. 

In 1985, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published that exhibiting these “babyfaced” features “positively correlated with perceptions of naivete, honesty, kindness, and warmth.”

So there you have it. Your lashes have the power to make you look so much more than just pretty or sexy; you have psychology in your pocket telling you that they make you look kinder and warmer, too. Talk about lashes that complement your eyes!

The History

Eyelash enhancements have been around since ancient times; they’ve been popular among all genders, and they’ve seen many different technical iterations. Ancient Egyptians of all genders were known to accentuate their eyes with kohl, an early prototype of modern eyeliner. 

In ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder philosophized that long, dark, thick eyelashes were a symbol of virtues like youth and chastity. Isn’t it funny how the Romans viewed dark, curled lashes as a symbol of asexuality, yet today, most cultures consider them sexy AF? History is funny that way, and we’ve learned a lot since then!

Fast forward to 19th century Paris, where women were literally sewing human hair into their eyelids with needles to create long, but unfortunately curl-less, fake lashes. Horrifying, no? It's good that the trend only lasted 20 years before society found a better solution. 

The first patent for lash extensions similar to the strip lashes you can find in drugstores today was filed in 1911 by a Canadian inventor named Anna Taylor. Early movie stars of the 1910s popularized this style of bold, dark lash. 

False lashes continued to grow in popularity through the 30s, 60s, early 2000s, and 2020s, as each of those eras brought a unique lash trend to pop culture. Today, we have at-home DIY lash extensions from Lashify, which are the pinnacle of lash extension technology to date. Truly, once false lashes landed on our vanity counters, they were here to stay!

How To Achieve Perfect Curly Lashes Every Time

Sounds too good to be true? Actually, the founder of Lashify, Sahara Lotti, worked crazy hard to make this fantasy a reality! 

Gone are the days of sub-par lash solutions, so let us walk you from the old ways to the new and improved way. 

What Not To Do 

There are a myriad of options outside of extensions that claim to give you perfectly curled lashes, but most of them have some serious downsides they forget to mention: 

  • Curling mascara rarely works as advertised and may cause damage to your natural lashes because of how difficult it is to remove. Waterproof mascara is even worse because it’s harder to remove. 
  • Chemical lash lifts can put your entire eye area at risk of harm because of the harsh chemicals used to perm your lashes around the rod; plus, you have to carve out time and money to see a professional since you should never ever under any circumstance try a DIY lash lift. DIY lash lifts are highly dangerous and may even cause ocular damage. 
  • Manual lash curlers famously look like torture devices, and as far as your natural lashes are concerned, they are little torture machines because your delicate lashes aren’t meant to withstand that kind of tension frequently. 

The Best Way To Get Perfect Curly Lashes Every Time

If you want consistent, natural-looking curly lashes that you don’t need to be a literal esthetician to apply, then you want DIY eyelash extensions. Specifically, you want the Curl Gossamer from Lashify. 

All Gossamer lashes are made of high-quality Korean PBT silk, so they have a natural flutter and adjustable curl strength (with the right tools, of course.) How have wearers described the Curl Gossamer? Doe-eyed, delicate, and fluttery; a perfect balance of intensity and versatility. And, of course, perfectly curly. 

Our Curl Gossamer is our most popular Gossamer, period. She’s the most popular because she’s got the perfect amount of curl to blend with most people’s natural lashes, and she pairs well with literally any look. 

Curl Gossamers are perfect for daily wear and red carpet looks alike. The Curl Gossamer successfully gives you everything history and science have been building for eons: tighter curl, more volume, and longer length, all to open and elevate your eyes. The ancestors would be proud. 

Curl Gossamers come in thirteen different colors and six different lengths. No matter what look you’re envisioning, there’s a Curl Gossamer to help you build it. Starting with the basics, Gossamers in natural colors, like those from our Intimates Collection, are the foundation of any natural look. 

You can build the whole look with just a couple curls or stack other Gossamer styles on top of them to create something new. Curl Gossamers also come in bright, flashy colors from our Prismatics Collection, like red, lavender, teal, silver, Royal Kim Blue, and more. Curl Gossamers come in more colors than any other lash style. 

Curl Gossamers come in six lengths, from the subtle, extra short 8mm to the breeze-creating, extra-extra long 18mm. Not sure what length is right for you? No worries. 

We now have this amazingly cool AI tool that will look at your face and help you decide the best lash length for you. Curl Gossamers are also the best Gossamer to start with on your Lashify journey. They’re a staple in every Lashifier’s kit and the most standard lash to start practicing the Lashify application system with. 

Need more curl in your Curls? Let us introduce the right tool for the job. The Lashicurl is the lash curler of the future, so you can toss the torturous manual lash curler away ASAP. 

Lashicurl is a heated silicone wand that curls your natural and false lashes together naturally with gentle heat. It’s designed to prevent burning thanks to its silicone tip. Even if you’re not wearing extensions, Lashicurl is the perfect tool to get a stronger, damage-free curl on your natural lashes. 

Curl + Volume = A Match Made in Lash Heaven 

Looking for something bigger? Bolder? Curlier? Look no further than the Volume Collection. 

Curl Gossamers, as we mentioned, are perfect on their own, and they’re also the perfect base layer on which to build a unique volume lash look. If you love a tight curl and a bold look, we have some suggestions for your next lash. 

Fluffy Gossamers

Fluffy Gossamers are the best seller of the Volume collection, and is it any wonder why? Fluffy Gossamers have a stronger curl than Curl Gossamers and were designed for intense fluff and flutter thanks to their dense fibers. 

Because the curl on these Gossamers is so tight, they may appear shorter than they actually are, so consider ordering a size longer. We recommend wearing these Gossamers toward the center of the lash map rather than in the corners, just for comfort reasons. Fluffy Gossamers are great for layered lash maps. 

Fluffy FX Gossamers

If Fluffy was still too tame of a curl for you, you need Fluffy FX Gossamers. Fluffy FX offers our most mega, extreme, indulgent, over-the-top curl of any Gossamer. The dense fibers in these lashes allow them to hold that crazy, gorgeous curl. 

These lashes were designed to give a strong curl and maximum flutter. Like Fluffy Gossamers, the tight curl means these lashes may appear shorter than they actually are, so order a size longer than you normally would. 

They’re available in lengths from 12mm to 18mm. Also, like the Fluffy, it’s best to keep this bold lash to the center of the lash map for your own comfort. 


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