What Is a Common Lash Extension Length?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

What Is a Common Lash Extension Length?

Lashes that get noticed are anything but common, but if you’re considering diving into lash extension land, you probably want to know what’s available to find a safe jumping-off point. For that, you’ll want to know about the classic eyelash extension lengths and shapes, and who better to tell you about them than the lash experts themselves at Lashify®?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about lash length, including the most commonly applied extension lengths, and give you a crash course on lash styles. From classic to XD volume lashes, we’re hitting Lashes 101, so get out your pencils (or at least take a few screenshots).

Lash Length: Why It Matters

The most common reason people decide to get lash extensions is to lengthen their lashes. Although adding volume is a close second, length (it seems) really does matter. Most of the time, natural eyelashes will fall within the 10-12 mm range, or roughly half of the width of your eye.

It goes without saying that there’s no one-size-fits-all for lash length, and your natural lashes may be longer or shorter. 

Lash Life Cycle

Your lashes are also on a natural life cycle that causes them to grow, rest, and then fall out. Each lash is on a different cycle, so you don’t lose all your lashes at one time. Everyone’s lash life cycle is different, with some cycles spanning as short as three months and some lasting as long as 11. 

The lash life cycle is important for extension wearers because it can help determine how quickly they’ll need to have more extensions applied (a process known as getting a fill). Most of the time, you’ll naturally lose between one and five lashes per day, which means you can expect to get a fill around four weeks after you’ve initially had extensions applied. 

Length Can Affect How Long Your Extensions Last

If you have incredibly short natural lashes and have uber-long extensions applied, your extensions may not last as long as shorter extensions would. The longer and heavier your extensions, the more they’ll pull on your natural lashes, weaken the glue adhesive used to keep them attached, and fall. 

Lash Length and Your Natural Eyelids

Depending on how your natural lashes curve and whether you have monolids or hooded lids, lengthier lashes could brush against your lids, eyebrows, or even your eyeglasses and become irritating. Just a factor to consider before you decide on the perfect length that works best for you. 

Most Common Lash Extension Lengths

Lash extensions are measured in millimeters, just like natural lashes. Extension lengths can range from five millimeters all the way to over 30 mm. 

The most common lash extension length is generally around 11 to 12 mm. That might seem surprising considering that most natural lashes will fall just under or within this range, but remember: salon lash extensions aren’t applied directly to the natural lash line.

Different Sizes for Different Lashes

Just like your natural lashes vary in size (they are smaller in the corners and longer in the middle), your lash extensions will follow suit. Smaller extension lengths are used on the outer and inner edges of your eyes, while longer lengths are used in the middle of your eyes.

In addition, the style of lash extension you choose will often help you determine the perfect length. 

Styles of Lash Extensions

There are numerous different styles of lash extensions, but there are generally three main types we can use to categorize them — classic, volume, and hybrid. 

Classic Lash Extensions

These are the most natural-looking extensions available. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means for every natural eyelash, your lash tech will apply one eyelash extension. Classic extensions are thick fibers made to lengthen and darken your natural lash line but not necessarily increase volume. 

Classic extensions may be applied to every lash or to every few lashes, depending on the level of lash enhancement you want. 

Volume Lashes

Unlike standard or classic eyelash extensions, volume lashes result in one uniform length of lash across your entire lash line. These are sometimes referred to as Russian volume lashes. If you opt for Russian volume or XD lashes, you might find that your look is more dramatic.

Volume lashes are also applied in a heavier ratio than classic lashes, usually between 3:1 or 5:1.Volume lashes are lighter in weight since more of them are used during application. The results are lashes that are fluffy, plushy, and fan-like.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

The most popular type of lash extensions is hybrid lashes. This is a mix of classic lash extensions and volume lashes. Usually, the mix is about 70% classic lash extensions and 30% volume lash extensions. 

Hybrid lashes are popular because they produce a natural, varied-length look with believable volume. Different lengths of both classic and volume lashes will be used to build a lash line that is a fuller, lengthier version of your own. 

What About Thickness?

It might surprise you that classic lashes are thicker than volume lashes, but the reason is because of the application process. Because volume lashes are applied in a higher ratio, they naturally need to weigh less so that your natural lashes can support their weight. 

Lash thickness varies depending on your lash style. Most classic lashes range from .08-.12 mm in thickness, while volume lashes can be as featherlight as .03 mm in thickness. Keep in mind that the thinner the extension, the more you’ll need to get a more noticeable effect. 

Putting It All Together

We know it can seem overwhelming to decide on the perfect length, the perfect width, and the perfect style. And once you’ve made those decisions, it’s time to think about lash curls! It can be a big decision, and an experienced lash tech can help you make choices that are right for you and the length of your natural lashes. 

If the thought of three hours in a salon chair with your eyes closed seems a little overwhelming, we have the perfect solution. Lashify’s DIY Lash Extension™ System puts you in control of your lash real estate and makes it easy for you to get the custom looks you want without making a spreadsheet to help you make the decision.

How Lashify Works

Lashify’s system of Gossamer® lashes works using underlash technology. Our Gossamer lashes are applied with our exclusive bonds to the underside of your natural lashes to decrease the weight on your lash line and provide a more comfortable fit. 

Our bonds are natural-lash friendly and contain no harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, or cyanoacrylates (the same ingredients found in super glue and in most salon lash glues). Instead, our bonds are built like lash serums, packed with lash-loving biotin and lavender extract. 

We have plenty of Gossamer lash styles, lengths, and widths to choose from, and our lash maps make it easy for you to get started with a customized look. 

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with Lashify is to grab our Control Kit®. In it, you’ll find everything you need (including two pairs of Gossamer lashes you get to pick) to become an at-home lash pro. 

We also have numerous tutorials and videos to help you learn the ropes, right down to how to hold your mirror while you apply your Gossamer lashes and how to use your Fuse Control® Wand to get the perfect seal. 

Shopping The Gossamer Lash Collections

We don’t like labels, and that’s why you won’t find classic, hybrid, or volume lash categories in our Gossamer lashes. Instead, you can shop by the look you want. Our Core Collection is a great place to start.

  • Lashify’s Core Collection of Gossamer lashes includes three different styles of lashes that are available in varying lengths of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm. These lashes can be interchanged for fully customizable looks that work best for you. 

Want more volume? Check out Lashify’s Plus Collection.

  • Lashify’s Plus+ Collection of Gossamer lashes gives you the same great options as the Core Collection but with a lighter weight for adding volume. Perfect for combining into hybrid lash looks! 

For ultimate drama and the fluffiest lashes, the Volume Collection is your solution. 

  • Lashify’s Volume Collection of Gossamer lashes offers our widest variety of featherlight, curly lashes to increase volume and pump up the drama. 

Once you learn how to stack your Gossamer lashes, there’s no telling how many combinations you can create. 

Lengthen Your Lash Game

You might not have won the lottery when it came to getting lengthy, natural lashes, but you can still score the winning ticket with Lashify. Break up with your thick, clumpy, lengthening mascara, and choose a longer-lasting, better solution. Lashify gives you the lashes you want without the salon. 


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