The Fuse Control® Wand Collection

Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 26 January, 2023

The Fuse Control® Wand Collection

The internationally patented Fuse Control® Wand is the cornerstone of the Lashify system, designed to "fuse" Gossamer® lashes together with your natural lashes. It is handcrafted and ergonomically designed for ultimate precision; fitting the curvature of the cheekbone, eyelid, and bridge of the nose for a precise Gossamer® application. The Wand's horizontal clamp force™ delivers the perfect fuse every time; without damaging your natural lashes.

Fuse Control® Wand 

Why Use the Fuse Control® Wand?

This tool was specifically designed for the Lashify system. Before Lashify, this shape and design didn’t exist! Sahara Lotti, owner and creator of Lashify, invented this tool to provide the perfect fuse. The Fuse Control® Wand allows you to apply, fuse and even adjust the Gossamer® lashes. The Horizontal Clamp Force™ is designed to apply the perfect amount of pressure to fuse the Gossamer® lashes to your natural lashes for a seamless look; all while preserving the health of your lashes. The shape of the Fuse Control® Wand allows you to easily maneuver it to fit any part of your eye. The shape also follows the curvature of your cheekbone, eyelid, and bridge of the nose. Why? To get a precise fuse as close to the lash line as possible on either eye. Genius, right!?! Nothing compares to this internationally patented tool. It’s simply not Lashify without the Fuse Control® Wand.


Fuse Control® Wand vs Petit Eye Fuse Control® Wand 

Lashify introduced a new member to the Fuse Control® Wand family:  The Petit Eye Fuse Control® Wand! The Petit Wand has all the same features as the classic Fuse Control® Wand but with a 10% reduced curve. What does that mean? The wand is the same length and width – not to be confused with a shorter or smaller wand. The curved tip of the wand is what has a reduced curve. Why? Although the original Fuse Control® Wand can be angled to fit any eye shape, some clients requested a wand with an adjusted curve. You asked, and Sahara delivered! This reduced curve allows clients with smaller eyes or a monolid eye shape to do less maneuvering to get a precise full fuse! The Petit Wand is made of a stronger grade of stainless steel and therefore, a little tighter. Just give your wand a little stretch to loosen the tension, which will allow for an easier full fuse with less pressure applied. You can choose a Petit Eye Fuse Control Wand® in Silver, Bronze, or Hologram!




The Birdie Wand™ 

The newest addition to the Fuse Control® Wand collection is the Birdie Wand™! She is the cutest thing and is perfect for travel!! The Birdie Wand™ has the same curve as our Petit Eye Fuse Control® Wand (10% reduced curve), with a shorter handle. 


The Birdie Wand™️

How to Hold and Fuse with Your Wand

The Fuse Control® Wand is lightweight and very easy to use. Lashify is not difficult to use, but it is different. This tool, shape, and fusing method didn’t exist before Lashify. So before you get too eager and start adding bond to your lashes, become familiar with this tool and practice using it! If you do that, your application will be so easy! Practice picking up a lash and bringing it up to your lash line, and practice fusing on each eye.

How do you hold the wand? You will notice that the wand has a section with small grooves in it, right where it curves. That is where you will be placing your fingers (thumb and index) to hold and fuse. To bring the lashes up to your lash line, the wand will be completely vertical. You can place your index finger (pointer) facing out, and your thumb facing you, and hook the Gossamer® lash to the underside of your natural lash. Some prefer to do the opposite (switch fingers), and do a scooping motion instead. Don't worry we have a visual for you! BTW it’s way easier than it sounds. 

When you are ready to fuse, you will be doing either a full fuse, or reverse fuse. A full fuse refers to fusing all the lashes at once across the lash line. While reverse fusing flips the wand on its belly and fuses the lashes in sections. This method is great to get in the inner and outer corners; or for some, to fuse the non dominant eye. 

To full fuse, your wand will be horizontal and your fingers will once again be placed on the grooved, curved part of the wand. You will come in from the side and “hug” your lash line. The most important thing is to ensure that the spines or base of the lashes are properly fused. Otherwise the lashes will begin to lift. If you struggle to get all of your lashes in, just lift your elbow and come in at a different angle. If you notice that a full fuse doesn’t fuse a section of your lashes –like your outer corner for example – don’t worry, that’s where the reverse fuse comes in handy! 

To reverse fuse, just flip the wand on its belly and use the tip of the wand to fuse. Angle the wand to easily get into the inner or outer corners. Some prefer to reverse fuse all the way across and not do a full fuse at all. That is totally okay! The most important thing is to get a proper fuse at the lash line. Do what feels most comfortable for you. If it feels awkward, just reset! The reverse fuse is also the preferred fusing method for the non dominant eye. 

There are a few ways to fuse the non-dominant eye. Again, find what is comfortable for you. You can come across the bridge of your nose and do a full fuse, you can use your dominant hand, and swing it across to full fuse, or use your dominant to reverse fuse. This is a great thing to figure out before you start bonding! 

Okay, ready for that visual? Watch Pro Educator Jill Medicis demonstrate these different techniques and tips. 

Wandom® or No Wandom®?

When you purchase a Fuse Control® Wand, it includes a Wandom® pair. What is a Wandom®? They are our patented silicone protectors designed to be slipped on the tips of the Fuse Control® Wand for a cushiony, tack-free application and fuse. The main purpose of a Wandom® is to prevent stickiness. One of the most common rookie mistakes is to over-bond. When this happens, people tend to get bond on the wand. This in turns causes the Gossamer® lashes to stick to your Fuse Control® Wand instead of adhering to your lashes. The Wandoms® solve that problem! They also provide an added cushion and preferred comfort for some. In addition, having the Wandom® on also provides a wider fuse, meaning it covers a larger area of your lashes when fusing. Some prefer to fuse with the Wandom® on, while others prefer without. I personally like to fuse initially without it to get a precise fuse, and then I like to come in with the Wandom® for a final wider fuse – especially on my inner and outer corners. I will typically work with at least 2 wands on hand, to easily switch out when applying.
That’s all the 411! Now that you know all there is to know about the Fuse Control® Wand, choose your preferred wand in your favorite color!
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