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Answers to all of your lash stacking questions and our How-To Hacks for Pro Stacking


Wondering what Stacking is all about and why you NEED to learn this technique? Everyone is different and eye shapes vary so customization is key to creating the most flattering look for your face. It’s also key to easy application and longevity for maximizing wear time. Stacking is about layering lashes on top of lashes & mixing and matching different Gossamer® Lash styles to create the look you want!


Before we give you the step by step, here’s what stacking is all about - - Stacking is when you place Gossamer Lashes on top of other Gossamer Lashes in order to create more volume or more wisp and maximum longevity. All of the Lashify Gossamer Lashes are made of Korean PBT silk, making them virtually weightless. You can stack multiple layers of lashes without having any discomfort.


The cool thing about stacking is that you can do it anytime depending on your schedule - - You can start your week off with a soft, natural, at-the-office lash map on Monday, and then Saturday night, when you’re ready for drinks with your besties, you can stack right on top of your current lash map. That’s right!! No need to start over!! In under ten minutes you can create an entirely different look and even add longevity to your lashes. When you add additional bond and layer Gossamer Lash to Gossamer Lash, you create a stronger adhesion, resulting in longer wear.




Love your current look but want to add some volume? Volume Stacking is the way to go! This is our most popular stacking technique. When we Volume Stack we are adding Gossamer lashes directly on top of other Gossamer lashes adding more fibers, resulting in a more dramatic, voluminous look! 


In order to Volume Stack, you will need to apply your base layer as normal. You can Volume Stack right away or you can Volume Stack on day 8, 9, or even 10! Once you’re ready to stack, add a small amount of bond to the base layer. I love that Lashify has both black and clear options for the Whisper Light™ bond. For me, the clear bond is the perfect choice to stack with because I can see exactly where I am placing it. The precision tip is also perfect for adding your bond right where you want!


Once you’ve applied your bond, you want to wait 30-60 seconds for it to get tacky. The clear Whisper Light actually goes on white and dries down clear when it’s tacky (another reason it’s perfect for stacking). Once the bond is tacky, apply the second layer of Gossamer Lashes so that the spines are aligned. You can add a Gossamer Lash to wherever you would like to add volume or dimension. After you’ve placed your Gossamer Lash in the perfect spot to achieve your desired look, you can gently fuse down on the spines for 15 seconds. 


Check out this gorgeous lash map created using Volume Stacking! Our Pro Educator, GeriLyn, stacked Ginger C12 & Ginger C14 Gossamer Lashes on top of our Extreme Ice Lashes for a fun, pop of color and added volume.


Volume Stacking




For beginners who aren’t sure if they can rock a longer lash and aren’t ready to commit to buying them just yet, what to do? The solution to this…Length Stacking. Length Stacking allows you to create the illusion of a longer lash across the entire lash map or in desired places throughout the lash map. 


To Length Stack, first apply your base layer as normal. Next, apply your bond 2-3mm away from the spine of the base layer. With the Gossamer Lash that you want to stack with, you can then place the spine directly on top of where you placed your Whisper Light (2-3mm away from the base layer spine) and fuse!! This will create the illusion that you are wearing a LONGER lash!


*Added bonus: Because you are placing lashes on top of lashes, you will also achieve some volume when you Length Stack too! 


Check out this fun look created using only C12 & C14 Gossamer Lashes that are Length Stacked in the center of the eye!





The last and final way to stack is called Brick Stacking. This technique involves applying Gossamer lashes in a brick-like fashion. This technique is perfect for people who have thin or sparse lashes because it helps “bridge the gap” between any sparse spots and gives the Gossamer lashes more to grab onto, resulting in greater longevity!! This stacking technique also is different from the others because it involves stacking right from the initial application!! 


Brick Stacking is a more advanced stacking technique because it may involve a little practice on your end (but then again, can’t the saying “practice makes perfect” relate to everything in life?). In order to Brick Stack, apply your base layer, leaving small gaps in between your Gossamer lashes. Then, fuse this base layer of Gossamer lashes. Once this layer is fused, apply Whisper Light to the spines of the Gossamer lashes and stack these over the gaps, in a brick-like manner. Adding different lengths while using this technique will help create a very soft, natural, wispy effect.


Here’s a great example of how to Brick Stack below!


Brick Stacking

Stacking gives you the ability to create a custom lash map for your eye shape or for whatever you have on your agenda for the day.


  • Stack a shorter lash on top of a long lash map and create the look of eyeliner.
  • Stack a colored Prismatic lash on top of your current lash map and create the appearance of eyeshadow for a fun, ombre look.
  • Stack a few longer lashes on your outer corners and create a dramatic wing.
  • Stack some longer lashes in the center of your eye and create a more open-eyed look!


Not sure which lash style to try next? No big deal! Take our Lash Finder Quiz and find out which lash is perfect for you. The fun of Lashify is mixing and playing with Gossamer lashes to create a personalized look!!

Check out our website for more amazing stacking examples and how-to videos!!!

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