Posted by Lashify inc. on 05 November, 2020

You can’t get ahead of yourself when learning something new. Like the proverb says, ‘You must learn to crawl before you can walk’. Here at Lashify that couldn’t be more accurate— learning the basics first, starting a bit at a time, will set you up for success.

Fusing and the Fuse Control Wand are the cornerstone of the Lashify system. Without the Fuse Control Wand, you can’t fuse properly. And without fusing, you can’t Lashify. Lashify is an integrated system where everything was invented and made to work together.

Let’s discuss the Fuse Control Wand.

Our internationally patented Fuse Control Wand is handcrafted from Japanese stainless steel and hand tooled in Pakistan. Designed for ultimate precision, the FSW fits the curvature of your cheekbone, eyelid, and bridge of your nose for the perfect Gossamer application. And its horizontal clamp force delivers the perfect fuse every time.

If you’re new to the Lashify system, it’s important to get comfortable with your wand. Hold it, see how it feels in your hand and near your lash line. Play with it, practice picking up Gossamers and bringing them near the underside of your upper lashes.

Let’s discuss Fusing.

Fusing is achieved with the Fuse Control Wand. Once the Gossamer lashes are applied, you use the curved end of the wand to “fuse” the Gossamer lashes with your natural lashes. You can do a Full Fuse by following the curve of your eye from the outer corner to the bridge of your nose— then simply clamp down and fuse. You can do a Reverse Fuse with the curved end of your wand, facing backwards. This method helps fuse individual Gossamer lashes. But you can choose to fuse whichever way feels most comfortable to you! There’s no wrong way to do it!

Fusing is Key.

The more you fuse, the longer the hold! If you ever feel a Gossamer lash is lifting, use your wand to fuse, reinforcing the hold. A lot of our customers fuse as part of their morning and night-time routines.

TIP: use the Wandoms provided in the Control Kit and slip them onto the tips of the Fuse Control Wand for a cushiony and non-stick fuse.

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