If you want to unlock the secrets to luxurious, long lashes and board the train to Glamour Town, then look no further.

Posted by Bridget Reed on 23 September, 2022

How To Grow Your Lashes Longer and Thicker

Imagine this: It’s 2016. Everyone from the A-Listers to your middle school teacher is in tune with the fad of eyelash extensions. A trend like this has been a makeup staple since the 70s and 80s (and even earlier, if we’re being technical) and, at this point, was once more in the spotlight of glam makeup lovers everywhere.

Right alongside all the fashion faux pas of the 2010s, lash extensions and lengthening were thriving more than ever. No longer were false lashes, lash lifts, and eyelash curlers just for the most glamorous or those in the spotlight. 

Instead, they became a natural part of every makeup enthusiast’s collection for daily wear. Eye makeup and lash growth products flooded the shelves of department stores. If someone asked us what we couldn’t leave the house without, 90% of us would answer something like, “Mascara!” or “My lashes, oh my god.”

Rightfully so. They can make or break your entire look. That’s why Lashify was created in the first place; to help lash lovers easily and affordably achieve the lashes of their dreams through innovation and quality products. 

If you loved a beat face way back in 2016 when we broke on the scene, you’d remember how different applications and access to lashes felt, whether it was a DIY, extensions, or a routine for growing your natural eyelashes.

Now you can’t watch an ad online or stroll through a store and miss the allure of lashes. They’re universal at this point, and maybe that’s why you’ve found your way here. Allow us to be your besties on this journey to healthy and happy lashes, extensions and all. 

If you want to unlock the secrets to luxurious, long lashes and board the train to Glamour Town, then look no further.

What Is the Origin of False Lashes?

Most would say that to truly understand how to tackle the problems of today, it’s best to understand all that came before. We’re pretty sure that’s what history is for, so buckle up for a quick trip on the History Bus: Lashes Edition. 

We mentioned above that falsies (and their fabulous predecessor, mascara) found their humble beginnings farther back than the 70s. If we’re being exact, try 3500 B.C. in ancient Egypt. 

Crazy, right? Who would’ve guessed that the practice of brushing our lashes in an attempt to add depth to our eyes would’ve started with the Egyptians? It seems as if they really were as fierce and innovative as history depicts them. 

Fast forward to the Middle Ages — a riveting time for the evolution of makeup, to be sure — and you’ll find that culture deemed hair of any kind erotic. Yeah, you heard us correctly. In order to avoid any scandal of the gargantuan kind, women would actually pluck their lashes and eyebrows to lessen the amount of hair they presented. 

Thanks to Queen Victoria and her use of a Vaseline and coal dust concoction in the 19th century, longer lashes regained their foothold as a desirable staple to any beauty routine. Cut to 1911 when this popularity of bold lashes was immortalized by Anna Taylor and her patent of the first falsies. Back then, they were primarily made with human hair. 

In a way, though, we have her to thank for all the lash advancement we get to enjoy today. Shout out to you, Anna Taylor.

The Science of the Lash

Here’s the sitch: there are many products and methods that claim to achieve the perfect last extension. However, there is also a lot to be learned about the care and inner workings of the health of our natural eyelashes, plus ways to properly maintain their length and natural beauty. 

What goes into the care of natural lashes? How do you achieve length with no base other than what your mama gave you? Let’s discuss.

Do you remember that myth that your parents told you growing up that if you pluck or cut your eyelashes they won’t ever grow back? We’re so glad to tell you that all that talk is indeed just that — a myth. Your lashes are perfectly capable of growing.

The Base

The unfortunate truth about the growth of your natural lash is how long it can take. Given that there is no lasting trauma or extenuating circumstance affecting your lashline, the process can take up to 16 weeks. 

That’s quite the exercise in patience, but it’s certainly better than nothing at all. That long growth period is why it’s so important to properly care for the hairs you’ve got.

The Maintenance of Lashes

A word of warning as you embark on your healthy natural lash journey: don’t use any over-the-counter eyelash growth serums or products that you don’t 100% trust. The FDA (the official authority on all things drugs, medicine, and food safety in the US) doesn’t regulate these hair growth products. The products could result in an allergic reaction or other side effects that would be no fun at all to take care of.

As of right now, the only lash serum for healthy lash growth approved by the FDA is Latisse (whose active ingredient is bimatoprost), but there are many home remedies serums out there that may work without FDA approval. Some products you’ll likely run into on the hunt for thicker lashes include: 

  • Natural oils (castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil)
  • Peptides and antioxidant supplements (such as green tea extract and vitamin E oil)
  • Biotin supplements
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Aloe vera and other collagen boosters

Just keep this in mind if you have sensitive skin and want to avoid any unwanted reactions or side effects. Make sure to speak with your dermatologist about how your quest for longer eyelashes will impact your skincare, and always keep moisturizing and nourishing your skin at the forefront of your wellness routines.

To use any lash growth serum, simply apply a thin coat at the base of your lash line. If you’re consistent with this routine, in those 16 weeks of the growth phase, you should see a lot more than your average lashes growing in. They should appear thicker, darker, and longer if everything is working correctly, and those are results we can all get behind.

The Lash How-To for You

“Lash” but not least, allow us to present you with both DIY extensions and natural care options for you to plan your next move to perfect lashes. We’ll give you the play-by-play for extension application as well as how to maintain the lashline beneath, so if this is why you stopped by, keep reading!

For this example, let’s use one of our best-selling starter lashes. The Amplify Gossamer Lashes are classically beautiful lash extensions that provides the perfect everyday, soft-glam look. They’re easy to apply and leaves you with effortless beauty for days. Hooked yet? Let’s open the playbook.

Your Lash Toolbelt

To achieve an effortless and bold lash look, you’ll need a few staple tools that will make your life a lot easier. Let’s say it on the count of three. 1, 2, 3 … tweezers! You took the word right out of our mouths. 

Tweezers are to a lash lover as a scalpel is to a surgeon. Tweezers are the bread and butter of the lash experience and having a pair of specially curved tweezers that are made for the application of lashes is even better (but any pair will do, really). 

You’ll also need the lashes themselves. In our case, our Gossamers are placed on the underside of your lashes instead of the top lash line. And lastly, you’ll need our Bondage formula for the innovative and semi-permanent hold you’ll never want to part with after you use it. Our Control Kit provides you with all of these tools in a one-stop shop, so if you want to make your life even easier as you embark, try it out.

The Lash Application

Here’s where the process gets easier than you could’ve imagined. First, you’ll apply your Bondage bond formula to your lashes just like any mascara, simple as that. Apply thin, light coats of bond. Pro Tip: Make sure your lashes don’t clump. Try using a clean spoolie and brush through the lashes to prevent clumping. 

Now you wait! Once your mascara formula has turned tacky or sticky to the touch, you’re ready to apply. Using your handy-dandy tweezers, gently and slowly remove the Gossamer extensions from their packaging and smooth them against your tacky lashes. This placement is what sets our lash sets apart from most, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back. 

After you’ve smoothed the extensions against your natural lashes, you’ll use the Bondage formula once again to seal in the hold. Wait until the formula is completely dry to ensure the maximum bond to the extensions, and you’re ready to go. One, two, all eyes on you!

Lashes That Last

The more you know about the health and upkeep of your routines, the better the maintenance and longevity of your skin, hair, and lashes will be. At the end of the day, keeping the health and beauty of our natural selves is really what we’re after. 

Now go be the boldest and baddest version of yourself, and do it with confidence!



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