Fuel Your Lash Obsession: All About Membership X

Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 28 June, 2023

Fuel Your Lash Obsession: All About Membership X

Lashify is known for its innovation, and bringing new lash products to the market. Since we launched in 2018, Sahara Lotti (owner and creator of Lashify) has also made it fun and affordable to shop a luxury product! Sahara herself is that shopper that gets an adrenaline rush when shopping a sale and getting amazing deals. So she created a membership that would make it fun and affordable for those that wear Lashify regularly. So if you are like me, and never walk out the door without your Gossamer® lashes, then Membership X is a no brainer! Its a pay-to-play digital product you can purchase if you choose. 

The Benefits 

Membership X Benefits 

Think of Lashify Membership X as the most amazing freestyle membership program you could imagine. No need to wait for sales or be tethered to a subscription to get great deals — just join Lashify Membership X and save on every purchase, plus earn Lash Cash to use on your next purchase. That’s just the beginning. You’ll get free shipping on US orders over $45, International orders over $75 USD, early access to new products, entry into the Backroom, where the lash dealer gives the best offers, and so much more! Your membership, your way! 

Membership X Overview 

The Backroom 

The Backroom started early this year and has been so much fun! This allows the company to discount overstocked products, discontinued products, or products that have a slight defect at insanely low prices!  

For example, when we initially launched The Birdie Wand™, they were going to launch in both the Classic curved tip and the Petit curved tip, which features 10% less curve. However, Sahara determined that the lesser curve worked better with The Birdie Wand design. What would be done with the hundreds of Birdie wands with the original curve? Now they could be sold at a discounted price in the Backroom!! The V1 Birdie Wand™ is available for members for only $15!! That's 65% off the regular price. Amazing!! This is just one example of the great deals and perks available with Membership X.  

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