When Should You Do a Lash Cleanse?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 23 November, 2022

When Should You Do a Lash Cleanse?

It’s common knowledge amongst lash lovers that eyelash extensions are a glam addition to a makeup look. If you're considering getting extensions done for the first time (or just walked out of the salon for the first time), there are certain bits of information you should have to keep those extensions looking their best for as long as possible. 

One of the most important things to do after getting eyelash extensions if you want to maintain them is to clean them on a regular basis. This helps to boost the longevity of your extensions as well as maintain the health of your eyes and natural eyelashes.

That being said, eyelash extensions are a bit tricky to clean, so let’s talk about how often you should clean them and how to clean them, especially if you're a beginner. And if you don’t yet know those things, well, no worries! That’s what we’re here for. 

We’ve put together the ultimate guide explaining the ins and out of cleaning your Gossamer® extensions — why it’s important to do so, how often you should, and how to do so. Read on for all that and more!

Why Lash Extensions Should Be Cleaned

Our natural eyelashes serve a very important purpose — that is, to shield and protect our eyes from incoming debris, like dust and dirt. The small gap that exists between the lash extensions and the lash line is where that debris can accumulate over time. Cleaning your lash extensions can help get rid of any residue that accumulates on the lash line and help prevent further build-up.

It’s also important to clean your lash extensions regularly so you can prevent oil from seeping into your extensions and ruining them. Oil breaks down the adhesive on your extensions, so if you have oily skin or use skin products that contain oil, they can slowly loosen the hold on them. Cleaning the extensions regularly will minimize oil and help your extensions last longer.

Plus, cleaning your lash extensions can prevent skin irritation and breakouts, as well as potential eye infections.

When Lash Extensions Should Be Cleaned

Although you’ll want to avoid getting the eyelash extensions wet for at least 48 hours after application (so that the bond has time to fully set), cleaning your extensions regularly after that is a must to keep them looking their best. Generally, you’ll want to clean them two to three times per week. If you have oily eyelids or wear makeup often, we recommend you clean them daily.

It’s also best to clean your extensions right before you go to bed to remove all the built-up makeup, oil, and dirt from the day.

But what about if you have Lashify® DIY extensions? Do the same rules apply? Let’s dig in. 

How To Clean Lashify Lash Extensions

There are several steps you may take to go about cleaning your Gossamer® extensions.

Step 1: Remove Any Makeup

If you're wearing makeup, the first step you should take is to remove it before cleaning your extensions. However, it can be difficult to effectively remove all of it without risking damage to your lashes. 

Our Black Magic Cleansing Puff is perfect for removing your makeup without messing up your extensions! All you have to do is saturate the puff with water, swipe it across the necessary areas, and poof! Your makeup will be gone in a flash.

Step 2: Use a Lash Cleanser 

To clean your Gossamer® extensions, we recommend you use our Charcoal Cotton Swabs. Our charcoal-infused cotton swabs are highly absorbent and are perfect for quick clean-ups and to remove residue in those places that are harder to reach. 

We also recommend that you pair the swabs with our Pre-Cleansing Water, which does multiple jobs as a lash prep, toner, and aftercare cleanser for your Gossamers®! 

Dip the swab into the cleanser and then gently swipe the swab over your lashes and lash line in order to remove any oil or dirt from your extensions.

Step 3: Rinse

Rinse the cleanser off with warm water. You can do so by gently splashing water onto your eyes.

Step 4: Dry 

Softly pat your lash extensions dry with a paper towel or small hand towel.

Step 5: Brush 

Brush your extensions gently with a spoolie brush so that they regain their original fluff.

The key thing to remember while cleaning your Gossamers® is to be gentle! You don’t want to tug on them too vigorously, or else the extensions can be damaged.

Pro Tip: After 48 hours, when you shower, don’t allow the stream to hit your lashes directly. Also, make sure that the water isn’t too hot to the point where it is steamy (this can weaken the lash adhesive as well).

What Should You Avoid When You Have Lash Extensions?

Just as there are certain steps you should take to clean your eyelash extensions, there are certain things you should avoid like the plague as well. The list below consists of specific products that you shouldn’t use to avoid damaging your extensions prematurely.

  • Certain eye makeup. It’s not recommended that you wear mascara or eyeliner with your extensions, especially waterproof mascara. Wearing mascara or eyeliner can make your extensions very difficult to clean.

  • Products that contain oil or glycerin. Oil and eyelash extensions don’t mix, so avoid any eye creams, cleansers, or toners that list oil in the top ingredients.

  • Baby shampoo. Baby shampoo contains sulfates and oils, which can weaken the adhesive on your extensions. Furthermore, since baby shampoo is usually scented, it can cause irritation to the eye area.

  • Micellar water. Micellar water is not suitable for lash extensions unless you use one that is oil-free.

  • Cotton tools. Avoid using cotton pads, balls, or q-tips. These can cause cotton to get caught in your extensions and snag at them.

    • Makeup wipes. Although it can be tempting to quickly swipe your face to get rid of makeup at the end of the day, it’s not recommended while you have lash extensions on. Makeup wipes contain oils and can also snag and pull at your extensions.

        Hot Tips for Doing a Lash Cleanse

        • Clean your extensions every other day
        • Opt for oil-free products
        • Be gentle while cleaning

        What Happens If I Don’t Wash My Extensions?

        Trust us; you don’t want to find out. Not keeping up with your extension maintenance can have various potential consequences — some moderately annoying and some more severe. 

        The list below consists of a few things that could possibly happen if you don’t clean your extensions properly:

        • Extreme Residue Build-up. While not uber-serious, this one’s just plain gross. If you don’t clean your eyelash extensions while you wear them, there will be a crazy ton of built-up residue when you finally do remove them. This is an accumulation of any makeup, oil, and dirt from the duration of your extension wear. Ew!
        • Eye infection. This is a more serious one. Not cleaning your extensions can potentially lead to an eye infection, which can cause itchiness, burning, redness, watery eyes, and more. 

        Blepharitis is an example of an infection that manifests from the overgrowth of bacteria and can cause swollen eyelids. Now, does that sound like something you want to risk dealing with?

        Clean Those Lashes Regularly

        Just a recap: In order to treat your Gossamer® extensions the way they deserve to be treated, you must clean them every other day (essentially 2-3 times per week). 

        Use Our Black Magic Cleansing Puff to first remove any makeup, and then pair our Charcoal Cotton Swabs with our Pre-Cleansing Water, swiping the swab gently along your extensions and lash line. Afterward, rinse your extensions with warm water and pat them dry with a paper towel or a small towel. Finish off by brushing a spoolie through your extensions to fluff them up.

        Make sure to avoid oil-based eye creams, makeup products, and makeup wipes, as the oil will break down the adhesive between your extensions and natural lashes. Don’t use mascara or eyeliner.

        Cleaning your extensions regularly prevents the accumulation of makeup, oil, dust, and other debris. If you don’t clean your eyelash extensions, you run the risk of having icky natural lashes upon removal, and you can also get an eye infection.

        Seriously, don’t make the mistake of being lazy or forgetful when it comes to this important process. Even after a night out on the town, it’s worth cleaning your lashes. Not only do you want to keep your Gossamers® looking glamorous, but you want to maintain the health of your eyes and natural lashes as well. 


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