How To Clean DIY Lash Extensions

How To Clean DIY Lash Extensions

There are several reasons, both aesthetic and practical, that you should keep your DIY extensions clean while they’re on and off your face. 

Let’s dive into the best way to clean your DIY lash extensions.

Why Should You Clean Your Extensions?

Poor lash hygiene can result in eye infections, like staphylococcal infections, where bad bacteria overgrowth occurs along the lash line. Staphylococci (aka ‘staph’) are a common bacteria that live on most people’s skin. A staph infection on the eyes can lead to blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelids and surrounding area. 

This unpleasant inflammation can affect the lashline or inside of the eyelid, touching your eyeball. This is just one example of one type of eye infection that poor lash hygiene can cause. 

When dirt and oil build up around your lash line, they can loosen the bond. A loose bond can cause lash lift, which can be irritating. When your lashes lift, you’ll find yourself having to re-fuse and reapply them. 

When oil and debris build up in the lashes, they also cause your lashes to clump together and appear tangled or sticky. If you’re aiming for wispy, fluttery lashes, dirt is going to seriously rain on your parade. 

Debris getting stuck in the bond can potentially create friction that irritates your lash line and, in some cases, may damage your natural lashes. 

Finally, keeping your Gossamers clean can help them last longer. Your Gossamers are an investment; they’re reusable (unlike professional lash extensions), and they can last for quite a long time with proper care. 

Lash Prep

Always apply your Gossamers to clean and dry eyes. Starting with a clean canvas is the best way to set your Gossamers up for a strong, lasting bond. The best time to apply Gossamers is right after the shower after you’ve cleaned your eyes of all oil and makeup. Something you may not consider is that the makeup remover you use during this step matters; you need to use an oil-free makeup remover; otherwise, you risk oil left behind that might prevent a strong bond. 

A Clean Application

You certainly spend the most time touching your lashes during the extension application process. So, how can you avoid introducing any ick while you apply your lashes? The best way to maintain a clean and solid application is to use the proper tools. 

You’ll need the Fuse Control Wand from your Control Kit to apply your lashes. No fingers and no dirty tweezers. In your Control Kit, you’ll also find a pair of Wandoms. Wandoms are awesome for keeping the Fuse Control Wand clean; they’re a condom for the wand. Wandoms prevent the fuse control wand from getting tacky and sticky from stray bond. 

Not strictly necessary, but very handy is the Lash Pad. It’s the perfect place to set your lashes while you apply them. Rather than place them directly on the counter of your bathroom or vanity, the Lash Pad has a slight adhesive surface to hold them in place so they don’t drift away and pick up dirt as they move. The Lash Pad is easy to clean, just rinse it off and let it air dry as needed. 

Keeping Your Gossamers Clean

Would you prefer deep cleaning a living room that looks like a tornado passed by or one that has a few stray mugs and blankets out of place? Obviously, the second one! Likewise, you would probably rather do a little cleaning to mostly clean Gossamers than spend more time cleaning stubborn messes from dirty Gossamers. If you keep your Gossamers clean during wear, you’ll have far less cleaning to do during aftercare! 

Here are some very simple things you can do to keep your Gossamers clean while you wear them. 

Clean Your Lashes Daily During Wear

You wash your face daily, right? Well, you should probably do the same with your lashes. Similar to the way you wash your face, you want to use just a gentle cleanser that won’t dry your skin. 

We recommend just taking a charcoal cotton swab, dipping it in pre-cleanse cleansing water, and gently running it along the lash line. You can also dip a spoolie in pre-cleanse and brush it through your lashes as you would a Mascara to remove any ick from your lashes. 

Do Not Use Mascara

DIY lash extensions are designed to replace mascara. Wearing mascara is like getting your lashes dirty on purpose. Some mascaras are worse than others: any waterproof mascara and any mascara containing oil are strictly off-limits for extension wearers. 

No Water Within 48 Hours of Application

You need to give the Whisper LIght bond enough time to cure. Whisper Light doesn’t cure completely, which is how it’s able to maintain a soft, cushiony bond between your lashes and your lash line. 

Even after 48 hours of application, it’s best not to expose your lashes to hot water or steam, as these can disrupt the bond. You can use a handful of cool water to submerge your lashes when cleaning. You want to keep your Gossamers dry when possible, but a little cool water won’t hurt as long as you dry your lashes promptly. Don’t dry with a towel or cotton pad; use a fan or a blow tool

Don’t Touch Them With Your Fingers

Your fingers have natural oils from your skin on their surface, as well as potential debris and bacteria from surfaces you touch throughout the day. When you touch your lashes, it can deposit this oil and junk onto them, which can disrupt the bond or put you at greater risk of eye infection in the case of bacteria. 

It's best to keep your fingers away from your eyes and your extensions. If you must touch them with your fingers, make sure you wash your hands and dry your fingers well on a clean cloth before touching them. 

No matter how clean your fingers are, don’t try to manipulate the placement of the Gossamers with your fingers, especially after they’ve been fused. Tugging on the Gossamers can disrupt the bond and damage the Gossamer by loosening fibers or flattening the curl. Gossamers, just like your natural lashes, are delicate, so please use the Fuse Control Wand to safely modify your lash placement. 

Proper Removal 

The same rules from application apply here: no fingers, use the proper tools and make sure they’re clean. 

The best way to remove your Gossamers is to get some Melt Away Remover and a cotton round. Shake up the remover to activate it, then saturate your cotton round. Hold the cotton round against your lash line for 30 to 60 seconds to saturate the bond. Let the bond break apart. 

You can also use Melt Away by dipping a clean spoolie into the bottle and brushing it through your lashes for about a minute or until you feel the bond release. Your Gossamers should slide right off with no tugging. If you feel resistance, keep applying the remover. Finally, just brush through your natural lashes to remove any excess bond. 

Another great way to remove your Gossamers is with Lash Release, an on-the-go remover that you apply by brushing through your lashes like a mascara. It has a plastic, ridged applicator and is formulated with nourishing oils. 


There’s aftercare after the application, which we’ve already covered. Then there’s aftercare for after you’re done wearing your Gossamers for a bit, and it’s time to put them back in their case. Let’s talk about best practices to clean your lashes post-wear and to store them safely so they live their longest, loveliest life. 

Check to be sure that there isn’t any makeup, oil, or excess bond left on the spine of the Gossamers. If there is, place the Gossamer on a lash pad or other secure spot, and gently clean the Gossamer with Pre-Cleanse or Melt Away, depending on what you see left on the lash. Always finish off with Pre-Cleanse to ensure that no oil gets stored on the lashes. 

When the lashes are clean, make sure they’re completely dry before returning them to their storage box. Wet and dark spaces are prime spots for bacteria to multiply, and we already talked about why we don’t want bacteria near our eyes.

Pro Tips

  • Avoid Micellar water and witch hazel. They will deposit oil on the lashes, which will make bonding more difficult. 
  • Avoid scrubbing with cotton pads and cotton swabs since the cotton fibers often snag and leave bits of cotton in the lashes. Instead, blot gently or just use a soft spoolie along your lashes and a makeup remover cloth like our Black Magic Cleansing Cloth to remove eye makeup on the lids. 
  • Avoid sleeping on your face since this can get oils and debris from your pillow into your lashes, not to mention the force of your face in the pillow is likely to crush the curl and snag the bond. Sleep on your back or side instead. Additionally, a silk pillowcase is a great idea for your hair and lashes alike, just in case your lashes make contact with the pillow at night. 
  • While you wear your lashes, give them an occasional dry brush with a dry spoolie or fluffer tool. This is a quick and easy way to remove loose debris from your lashes before it gets comfortable. You wouldn’t want to go a week without brushing your hair, so don’t forget to brush your Gossamers too. 
  • Using a lash sealant, like our Glass Finishing Coat, is a great way to protect your lashes from the elements, mainly water, air, and earth (obviously, don’t go sticking your eyelashes near fire, but you know that). 


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