False Eyelash Applicators vs. Traditional Methods: Pros and Cons

False Eyelash Applicators vs. Traditional Methods: Pros and ConsLashify

You finally did it. You decided to break up with your lash tech and boss babe your lashes from home. You’ve got everything you need: some lashes, some adhesive, and a little bit of time to get the job done right. 

There’s just one problem: you didn’t buy a lash applicator. 

Maybe you decided against it because you felt confident in your tweezers or your ability to handle a delicate lash fiber between your fingers. These traditional application methods have worked for years, right? Short answer: kind of. 

At Lashify™, we’ll admit we’ve used tweezers, cotton swabs, our own fingers, and practically anything else we could find useful to apply lashes until we developed the one and only tool you’ll ever need for lash application. 

We’ll explain why a lash applicator is so important and what could happen if you decide not to use one. 

Application 101

Applying your own lashes at home is a tedious task. It usually involves glue, false eyelash fibers that stick to everything except your natural lashes, and maybe even some tears while you try to figure out why you just can’t get your lashes to apply properly. 

Let’s look at some of the problems with traditional lash application methods.

Your Fingers

It’s true you can try to use your fingers to apply your lashes. If you’ve ever used strip lashes, this is probably how you applied them. 

Using your finger, you likely applied a thin layer of glue or adhesive to your natural lash line and then attempted to get the lash strip as close to your lash line as possible. 

There are a few problems with this technique: 

  • It can be unsanitary. Even if you wash your hands before application, you can easily become distracted, touch something (like the counter or the floor), and then touch your eyes and lashes. 
  • It’s virtually impossible to get your lashes placed properly. Your fingers are likely too big to allow you to access the areas near the inner corners and outer corners of your eyes to get a good fit with your lashes. 
  • It can damage your false lashes. False lashes are delicate, and even though you attempt to hold them gingerly, chances are you’ll end up tearing them. 

Once you become frustrated with your fingers, you’ll probably head for the tweezers. 


Your favorite brow maintenance tool looks like the perfect solution for lash application, but that’s not necessarily the case. Tweezers aren’t designed to help you apply your lashes; once you attempt to use them, that becomes abundantly clear.

Tweezers aren’t angled in a manner to get your lash extensions placed properly on your eye. Additionally, tweezers can damage your false lashes and your natural lashes because the ends clamp too sharply, which can result in crimping and even pulling out lashes.

Thankfully, there are lash applications that are made for the job, but finding the right one can be difficult. That’s why at Lashify, we built one specifically designed to work for our Gossamer lashes, so application is incredibly easy and mess-free.

The Fuse Control® Wand

Introducing the only lash application tool you’ll ever need. The Fuse Control Wand is our ergonomically designed applicator tool that makes applying our Gossamer® lashes easy, mess-free, and completely safe. 

The Fuse Control Wand features an easy grip and a comfortable handle that helps you angle your hand perfectly for lash application. It also features a curved tip that naturally curves to your eyelid and cheek so that when you apply your Gossamer lashes, you can get a perfect fuse each and every time. 

The Petit Curve Wand

The Fuse Control Wand is perfect for most, but the Petit Curve Wand is the best solution if you have smaller hands or a smaller face. This Wand is slightly smaller and features a smaller curve so that you can get the same level of perfect application. 

If you aren’t sure which size you need, try our easy-to-use online tool. You’ll need your camera phone to help. 

The Birdie® Wand

You want great lashes even when you travel, but taking the Fuse Control Wand or Petit Curve Wand can be difficult. The Birdie Wand is shorter, wider, and has a softer curve that makes it perfect for packing and changing your Gossamer lashes on the go. 

If one of your Gossamer lashes comes loose, the Birdie Wand is the on-the-go tool to help you correct it safely and quickly. 

Pros and Cons of Applicators

If you still aren’t convinced you need an applicator, this list of pros and cons might help seal the deal. 

Applicator Pros

Having an applicator has benefits you’ll want, like:

  • Easy, clean application that is mess-free 
  • The perfectly designed shape is made specifically for applying your lashes 
  • Safety for your false lashes and your regular lashes

Applicator Cons

While there are definitely more pros than cons, here are some things to consider before purchasing your applicator.

  • Not all applicators are created equally. A quality wand is essential for your application. 
  • There’s an upfront investment. A quality applicator will require an up-front investment, but consider the fact that you’ll end up saving money by not damaging your false eyelashes with your fingers or tweezers. 

You can find the Fuse Control Wand along with everything you need to get started with the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System in the Control Kit™.

Applicators and Everything Else 

The Lashify system makes it easy for you to enhance your lashes at home easily and quickly and get the same salon-quality looks you love. 

The Control Kit comes with:

Two Sets of Gossamer Lashes

There are numerous options to choose from, and our Gossamer lashes also play well together. That means you can mix and match them to create custom styles or use one of our Lash Maps to get started. 

You can also fake a winged liner look by using our first pre-mapped Gossamer lash collection, the I-Line™ Gossamer collection. This set gives you the look of eyeliner without the liner. The I-Line Gossamer collection has a tapered edge that gives the illusion of a perfect winged liner. 

Just so you know, our Gossamer lashes are always 100% cruelty-free

Fuse Control® Wand

The perfect wand for the job. The applicator tool works perfectly for your Gossamer lashes and makes application easy. You get to pick the original Fuse Control Wand or the Petit Curve Wand for your Control Kit. 

One Set of Wandoms®

Don’t be a fool, protect your tool! Our Bonds never fully cure, which means they get tacky during application. To keep the application stress-free and mess-free, use a pair of Wandoms to make sure your Fuse Control Wand doesn’t get stuck to your Gossamer lashes. 

Covering your Fuse Control Wand with a Wandom ensures that your Gossamers stick to your natural lashes and not the Wand itself. 

Whisper Light Bond™

Lashify Bonds are ophthalmologist-tested and hypoallergenic. Unlike lash glue, our Bonds don’t contain any harsh chemicals like cyanoacrylates or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals. Instead, our Bonds contain lash-nourishing biotin and lavender. 

Our Bonds also never fully cure, which ensures your Gossamer lashes can move and bend with your natural lashes. This also ensures your natural lashes don’t become dry, brittle, and susceptible to breakage. 

One of our most popular Bonds, Whisper Light is available in both clear and black. It’s perfect for giving your long-lasting hold without causing sensitivity. Whisper Light doesn’t fully cure, so your Gossamer lashes will move naturally with your eyelashes to prevent breakage. 

Glass Finishing Coat

You never have to seal your Gossamer lashes to ensure they last, but if you plan to wear them overnight or for as long as possible (up to 10 days with proper care), we recommend sealing them with Glass. 


We love samples, so we packed two in your Control Kit. Pre Cleanse is our Japanese Cleansing Water that doubles as a face wash. It’s the perfect way to prep your lashes for Gossamer application. 

When you’re ready to remove your Gossamer lashes, you can use Melt Away. This is our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you easily glide your Gossamers off your natural lashes.

Everything comes packaged in a protective, mirrored hard case so you can store all your lash tools in one place. 

Fingers and Tweezers Need Not Apply

Forget your fingers and say no to tweezers. Your Gossamer lashes go on easily with the Fuse Control Wand. It’s the easiest way to make sure your lashes go in easily, quickly, and mess-free so you can have great lashes without any stress. 


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