Blush Placement for Different Face Shapes

Blush Placement for Different Face ShapesLashify

Blush can make you look flushed, alive, or clown-like. It all has to do with placement. Get it right, and you’ll have the perfect cheek color complimenting your skin tone and look. If you get it wrong, you’ll look permanently embarrassed or like a circus act. 

Of all the tools in your makeup bag, nothing can bring color and an overall look of wellness to your skin like the perfect blush. Even though the team of beauty professionals at Lashify® typically focuses on lash fashion first, we’re always here to help with important beauty-related questions. 

We’ll cover the best blush placement techniques based on your face shape and give you some pointers about how certain lash extension styles can enhance your look.

Different Face Shapes

Defining your face shape might be easy for you, especially if you’ve always been told you have a really obvious shape (like a heart or a square). If not, we can help you determine the shape of your face. All you’ll need is a mirror and yourself! 

According to scientists, there are over 30 different gene expressions that create a person’s facial structure and shape. When it comes to blush placement, we really don’t need to get quite that specific. 

We’ll outline the top six face shapes and then explain how to properly apply blush to each to enhance and balance the shape and structure of your face. 

1. Round

A round face shape is characterized by a somewhat equal distance between the forehead and chin compared to the distance between your cheeks. Essentially, your face will be an equal distance high as it is wide, and neither your chin nor your forehead will be more prominent than the other. 

You might also have rounded cheeks that don’t angle outward from your face. Your celebrity inspirations include Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone, who both have rounder face shapes. 

2. Oval

People with oval face shapes have faces that are longer than they are wide but have softer curves around the forehead and chin. You probably have a rectangular or square face shape if the forehead and chin are more angular. 

Someone with an oval face shape may have cheekbones that are more prominent, but the forehead and chin are usually more narrow. Think Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart. 

3. Heart 

The heart face shape is wider through the cheekbones and forehead and narrows at the chin. In fact, someone with a heart-shaped face may have prominent cheekbones that are equally as wide as their forehead. Reese Witherspoon has a classic heart-shaped face with a petite chin and prominent cheekbones. 

4. Square

Square face shapes are similar to round face shapes in that the height and width of the face are equal, but instead of soft curves, a square face features sharper angles. A person with a square face shape has an angled jaw and a forehead that is likely equal in width to the jaw and cheekbones. 

Demi Moore and Kelly Osborne both have square-shaped faces with stronger jawlines and prominent cheekbones. 

5. Diamond

Like a heart-shaped face, a diamond-shaped face has a narrow chin, but a diamond-shaped face also has a forehead that angles inward. Similar to an oval face shape, a diamond face shape has a narrow chin and forehead but with extremely prominent cheekbones. 

The width of the face across the cheeks will be wider. Jennifer Lopez, for example, has a diamond face shape.

6. Rectangle

Think square, but longer. Or think oval but with angles. This face shape is longer than it is wide and is characterized by a forehead and chin that are usually very close to the same width. 

You’ll have less prominent cheekbones with a rectangle face shape, similar to a square face shape. Olivia Wilde and Sarah Jessica Parker both have rectangle face shapes.

Once you’ve examined your own face and determined what shape you’ve got, you’re ready to blush it up. Using blush to accent your cheekbones can help you accentuate your face shape and keep your look natural.

Blush for Every Face Shape

If your look is more Cirque du Soleil than business casual, by all means do you. We aren’t here to judge stage makeup or your own creativity, but if you’re looking for a way to highlight your cheekbones naturally, we’ve got a few pointers.

For Round Faces

To create more definition and lift on your cheekbones, keep your blush placement higher on your cheekbones and use your eyes as your guide. Sweep your blush onto the apples of your cheeks, beginning underneath the inner ⅓ of your eye and ending at the outer edges of your eyes. 

Lashify tip: To create even more attention on your cheekbones, try adding the I-Line™ Gossamer® lash set. This pre-mapped set gives the look of winged liner that helps create lift at the outer corners of your eyes. 

For Oval Face Shapes

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can use blush to widen your face at the cheekbones and give them more structure. To achieve this, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, beginning just under the center of your eye and sweeping upward toward the outer edge of your eye. 

Lashify tip: The Tulip Black Gossamer Collection is perfect for creating a fanned flare of lashes that will also draw attention upward and create the look of more width near your cheekbones.

For Heart Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, you may have cheekbones that are particularly angled. To help soften them, you can use blush just slightly lower than the apples of your cheeks to help them appear slightly less angular and create a softer overall look. 

Lashify tip: Core Collection Gossamer lashes work for every face shape. We love the look of the Amplify Gossamer lashes on a heart face shape, especially when added to Lash Maps to create new and exciting looks. 

For Square Faces

Blush application on a square face can help soften your angular features and make your cheekbones look more prominent and defined. Typically, a square face shape doesn’t have cheekbones that protrude from the shape of the face. 

Applying blush in a small, circular motion to the center of the apples of the cheeks can soften the overall angled look of the face and create the illusion of larger cheekbones. 

Lashify tip: To further soften your look, try our Plushy Gossamer Collection of lashes. Designed for serious volume, these ultra-fine fibers look best when overlapped and help create an overall softer look. 

For Diamond Faces

Like oval faces, diamond faces are usually longer than they are wider but also feature more prominent cheekbones. To add balance and soften the angled cheeks, apply your blush on the extreme outer edges of the apples of your cheekbones, blending upwards and outwards toward your ears. 

Be careful not to apply blush on your temples, or you’ll instantly go from current to retro (think 1980s). 

Lashify tip: Looking for lashes that give you a spikey, multi-length look? Look no further than the Lashify Starburst Collection. These lashes are popular for piecey, spiky looks that can be worn alone or combined for fully customizable lash maps. 

For Rectangle Faces

Like square faces, rectangle faces need a little extra volume on the cheeks. You’ll want to apply your blush to the apples of the cheeks (just beneath your pupils) and then sweep it out beneath the outer third of your eye. This helps create a more prominent cheekbone while softening the angles of your chin and forehead. 

Lashify tip: If you aren’t sure which lashes work best for your face shape, try our A-Eye technology. You only need your camera phone to scan this QR Code and get started. Our online tool can help you find the perfect size Gossamer lash based on your eyelid space and eye shape. 

If you aren’t using the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System, now’s the time to get started.

Why Lashify?

It’s simple. You can get salon-quality lashes at home in a fraction of the time it takes you to have them applied at the salon and for way less cash. Our system is also safer for your natural lashes because we don’t use toxic chemicals (like cyanoacrylate or formaldehyde) or goopy glues that could cause your natural lashes to become brittle and break. 

Is It Easy?

Most users find applying Gossamer lashes simple, but it will probably take you two to three applications before you feel completely comfortable applying them. Gossamer lashes are made like a cross between strip lashes and cluster lashes, with each Gossamer lash containing multiple lash fibers on a featherlight Spine base. 

Gossamer lashes are applied using Underlash Technology™, which helps keep them comfortable and makes application super forgiving. 

Is It Cruelty-Free?

Of course. All Gossamer lashes are made from 100% Korean PBT silk and are completely cruelty-free. 

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy. You just need to grab the Control Kit. Each At Home Lash Extension contains the basic ingredients for seriously superb lashes. 

You’ll get: 

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. Choose between Curl, Amplify, or Bold lash collections and customize your length based on your A-Eye results or your personal preference. You’ll get two sets to begin building your lash wardrobe ASAP. If you want more than two sets, we recommend grabbing an additional storage case to keep your lash game locked tight and kept safe. 
  • Fuse Control® Wand. Applying your Gossamer lashes is easy with our Fuse Control Wand. It’s ergonomically balanced to feel weightless in your hand and comfortable against the curve of your eyelid. For smaller hands and faces, the Petit Curve Wand is the best option. The Birdie® is our travel-sized wand that makes application on the go possible. 
  • One set of Wandoms®. Using Wandoms (covers for the tips of your Fuse Control Wand) ensures your Gossamer lashes don’t attach to your Fuse Control Wand instead of your natural lashes. You can reuse them several times and always come back to grab a few more packs. 
  • Whisper Light Bond™. Our most popular Bond, this dual-sided adhesive comes in clear and black and never leaves behind a residue that makes them noticeable. You can use Whisper Light in several different ways to apply your Gossamer lashes. Our bonds contain no harsh chemicals, are hypoallergenic, and are formulated more like a lash serum. Our Bonds contain biotin and lavender to help support your natural lash growth. 
  • Glass Finishing Coat. Gossamer lashes are made to stay in place for up to 10 days with proper care. If you plan to wear your lashes for the long haul, applying a finishing coat can help. 
  • Samples. You’ll get a sample of Pre Cleanse and Melt Away in each Control Kit. Pre Cleanse is our Japanese Cleansing Water that helps remove dirt and oil from your lashes and lids. It’s powerful yet gentle enough to be used as an all-over facial cleanser. Melt Away is our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you easily slide your Gossamer lashes off of your natural lashes without damaging them. 

Everything comes wrapped up in a protective hard case with a mirror to help you apply your lashes like a pro. 

Blush + Lashes = A Winning Combination

Congratulations, you just earned your education in blush application for your face shape. You probably also picked up a few tips about lash application, too. 

Keep checking back to discover even more beauty tips and tricks and to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending in lash fashion. 


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