Met Gala 2024

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Met Gala 2024

The annual Met Gala is the biggest night for the fashion industry. It’s an opportunity for designers to flex their creative genius and collaborate with their favorite celebrity muses. The theme for this year’s Met Gala was “Garden of Time”, and we saw an amazing show of artistry from the world’s top designers. Met Gala looks are a full production that takes months to prepare for, and an army to execute. Hair, make-up, nails, jewelry - every detail makes the look, and no make-up look is complete without….lashes.

While lashes can be a small detail in the grand scheme of a Met Gala look, they help define the eyes, giving a makeup look its final polish. Lashes can also help set the tone for the overall aesthetic - accentuating a demure softness, opening the eyes for a whimsical sparkle, adding intensity with a fierce wing, or creating texture for added drama.

Lashify has 24 lash styles in its collection, with different lengths and colors to choose from. This makes customization for any eye shape and any occasion so easy! You can combine styles to create unique looks and even change your eye shape. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s Met Gala lash looks and show you how to recreate them using Lashify!

Jennifer Lopez stunned in a custom hand-embroidered Schiaparelli sculptural gown, carefully crafted with 2.5 million warm-toned pearls, rhinestones, and beads into an intricate butterfly pattern. For her makeup look, artist Scott Barnes brought together a combination of light bronze and warm silver to JLo’s eye makeup, and even finished the look with warm brown lashes to complement the tones in the gown.

Lashify offers Gossamer® lashes in a range of brown tones, which would give you a lot of different options for creating a look inspired by JLo’s Met Gala lashes. To recreate this look, I would start with a base of A+ Gossamer lashes in the color Ash. The A+ lash has the most delicate fibers and a relaxed curl, making it the most natural style in the Lashify alphabet. The color Ash is made up of light brown fibers with a red-violet tone, which lends well to provide that warm reddish brown tone in JLo’s lashes. To give the eye some definition and to add a hint of volume, I would stack a layer of A+ lashes in the color Minx, which is a cool-toned darker brown. This would give the illusion of a brown liner (without having to add additional makeup), and add a dimensional soft volume to the overall look.

A+ Gossamer® Lashes in Ash and Minx
Lash Map:
Base: Ash A+.10, 10, 12, 12, 14, 14
Stack: Minx A+.10, 12, 12, 12, 12


Cynthia Erivo wore “a custom Thom Browne tailored jacket and skirt overlaid with black sequin embroidery and 2,000 individually sewn pink silk moire petals” (@thombrown Instagram). Makeup artist, Sam Fine, gave her flawless skin, a subtle rosy draping around her eyes and temples, and bold, statement spiky upper and lower lashes.

To create this bold lash look, I would use Lashify Starburst and Cherry STAX™ Gossamer lashes in their longest lengths. Before these two lash styles were introduced into the Lashify lineup, clients would take their Gossamer lashes, add Whisper Light Bond™ to the fibers, and pinch them together with the Fuse™ Control Wand in order to achieve a spiky look. The fibers on the Starburst lashes come together into a long center point, and it has shorter fibers flaring out on either side to create a multi-length, staggered spiky pattern. The Cherry STAX lashes are pointed accents that can be added to any lash style to create wisps and spikes. Combining these two styles can help to achieve a custom statement lash.

Last year, I recreated Kim Kardashian’s black widow spider look from American Horror Story for Halloween. I used Starburst and Cherry STAX to create a very similar, but different lash look:


Lana Del Rey wowed the crowd in a theatrical ensemble by Seán McGirr for Alexander McQueen. “Referencing archival Alexander McQueen, [she] wore a custom-made corseted dress in silk double georgette and tulle hand-embroidered with bronze hammered bullion hawthorn branches, inspired by the patina and form of Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures. The headpiece was made by hand using natural hawthorn branches and draped with a veil of tulle. Finished with the Drop bag, embedded with clock detail.” (@alexandermcqueen Instagram)

Lana’s makeup artist, Etienne Ortega, gave her a bronze soft glam makeup look, which highlighted the gothic romantic, ethereal Greek goddess theme to her overall look. To mimic Lana’s wispy cat eye, I would use the Plushy Tame Gossamer lashes. PT is a soft volume style that has thin fibers and a high fiber count. It also has a relaxed curl, making it perfect for creating an angled wispy wing effect. Plushy Tame in either Chocolate (warm brown) or Truffle (a mix of black and brown fibers) would also soften and give warmth to this lash map!

Plushy Tame Gossamer® Lashes in Truffle

Lash Map: Plushy Tame in Truffle 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm


Kim Kardashian arrived gilded in silvery tones from head to toe. “John Galliano created an haute couture look for Kim Kardashian composed of a pale grey thistle-washed boiled cashmere cardigan, a couture corset rewoven from antique silver brocade and a skirt in tooled silver metal evoking lace, flowers, leaves and sprigs interlinked with silver chain and floral motifs cut from mirror fragments, as well as crystal pendants, pearls and set like a piece from high-jewellery.” (@maisonmargiela Instagram)

For her makeup look, Kim K’s long-time artist, Mario Dedivanovic, gave her a pared back, luminous, soft glam look, finished with her signature wispy, a little unruly, lashes. There are many options for recreating this lash look with Lashify, but some of the most fun you can have with this system is when you combine lash styles together.

To start, I would use Fluffy FX Gossamer lashes as a base. The Fluffy FX lash is a dense lash style that has a multi-length, strong multi-curl fiber pattern, making it perfect for creating an unruly lash look. To give it extra dimension, I would stack Stardust lashes over the base layer. Stardust is another soft volume style that features a multi-length fiber pattern. It has longer fibers that gather into a center point, and shorter fibers alongside the point. Stacking Stardust would add an extra layer of unexpected wispiness to complete the look.

Fluffy FX and Stardust Gossamer® Lashes

Lash Map:
Base: C.10, Chocolate FX.12-14-12-12
Stack: SD.16, SD.18x2

One of the things I love about Lashify is that you can create any of your favorite lash looks from the red carpet using Lashify. Many celebrities love Lashify for their event looks, so you can actually duplicate their lash maps! Tap below for more red carpet lash inspo:



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