Mascara vs. Lashify

posté par Mikayla Hawkinson on 21 May, 2024

Mascara vs. Lashify
We often run to those beauty product staples in our makeup bag that we have held onto for years and years out of comfort, but not necessarily because it’s the best beauty product for us - same foundation, same lip gloss, same mascara. The beauty industry has grown so much in the past decade and you now have your choice of anything and everything to better fit your skin, eyes, lifestyle, and custom beauty preferences.

Mascara has always been the beauty product that gets the job done, but it doesn’t always elevate your desired look to its full potential. In walks Lashify™, the game changer of all game changers. This product has changed (and elevated) my look and my confidence beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Length, Style, Options!

With Lashify, you can custom create your own lash looks, or lash maps, as they like to call them. They have over 20 styles of Gossamer® lashes ranging from 8mm all the way up to 22mm. The possibilities are endless. They even offer different fiber colors to match your natural hair and lash color, as well as Ombré lashes that start in traditional black at the base and transition to another color, and Editorial colors that give gorgeous pops and accents to your lashes.

How to get started? First and foremost start out by building your Control Kit quiz.

Lashify Control Kit


You can build your own custom kit that comes with everything you need to get started and properly apply the DIY lash extension system. It even comes with a few different lash styles to choose from and in varying lengths so you can get to know what lengths will work best for your eye shape. When I first started using the system, his was the best way for me to see what my personal preferences were. For instance, I like my lashes a little bit longer in length and a more wispy style, so I went with Gossamer® lashes in 12 and 14mm in the style Curl.

When I was wearing mascara, it was only delivering volume by building up layers of product onto my natural lashes, but I could never change the style or add length on the ends, not to mention, it would also begin to clump. There are some colored options (blue, green, brown), but they don't give nearly as much effect as the Lashify Gossamer® lash fibers.

Check out all the amazing styles that accommodate every eye shape, size and hair color.

Lashify Lash Maps

Longevity & Removal

Lashify offers a prep step that cleanses your natural lashes and lids and also helps you maintain your lash map during your week of wear. Pre-Cleanse is a really awesome product that just contributes to overall lash health and gently cleansing the skin of impurities.

With mascara I would need to remove the product at the end of the day. It is not healthy to sleep in mascara, especially with the mess it could leave on pillows and sheets. With Lashify I can sleep in them for around 5-7 days. I wake up and I’m ready to go. I feel fresh, confident and already put together, all thanks to my Lashify lash map.

Lashify is a breeze to remove. They have 2 removal options that make taking off your Gossamer® lashes easy, while nourishing your natural lashes, Melt Away and Release. I don’t ever have to worry about streaking, smudging or damaging my natural lashes.

Prep and Removal


Try Lashify, you won’t be sorry! Not only do you look good, you’ll feel even better.

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