Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Round Eyes

Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Round EyesLashify

Lash extensions can look perfect on anyone, but they can literally look made-for-you-natural if you pick lashes that work best for your eye shape. Eye shapes come in several varieties, including almond shapes, round shapes, and every variation in between. 

If you have round or protruding eyes, we’ll help you navigate lash fashion to find the best lash sets to enhance your eyes and give them a lengthier look. 

What Are Round Eyes?

Aren’t all eyes round? It’s a valid question, and the answer is yes and no. Eye shapes range between almond and round. 

Almond Eyes

Almond eye shapes are eyes that are shaped like footballs. They are longer than they are wide and taper at the inner and outer corners. Almond eye shapes usually have no white visible at the top and bottom of the iris, the colored portion of the eye. 

Almond eye shapes may also be upturned or downturned. Upturned eyes are eyes with outer corners that are angled upward toward the brow bone or temple. Downturned eyes are eyes that have outer corners that angle downward toward the jawbone. 

Round Eyes

Unlike almond eyes, round eye shapes are usually as wide as they are long or just slightly longer than they are wide. The key defining factor of round eyes is that you can typically see the white of the eye all around the iris; it isn’t blocked by the upper eyelid and lower eyelid.

Round eyes may be deep-set or protruding. If your eyes look as though they recede behind your browbone, or if you have hooded lids, you may have deep-set eyes. You might have protruding eyes if they appear to “pop,” or you have been told you have big eyes.

If you know you have round eyes, you can find ways to enhance them and extend the outer corners of your eyes to lengthen them and add definition. One of the easiest ways to do it isn’t with makeup looks but with eyelash styles. 

Lash Extension Styles for Round Eyes

You can find plenty of tutorials for how to style your eye makeup to make your eyes appear longer or more sultry, but you need the look of perfect lash extensions to fully accentuate round eye shapes. 

Here are our top five looks that work for round eyes. 

1. Winged Liner Lashes

Yes, you read that right. You can create the look of perfectly winged eyeliner with your lash extensions; no eye pencil or liquid liner experience necessary. 

Get ready for one of the best hacks you’ll ever meet. The Lashify® I-Line™ Gossamer® lash is our first pre-mapped Gossamer set. That means it comes with different Gossamer lashes in varying lengths in one set, lined up and ready for you to go. 

The popularity of Lashify Lash Maps, which help you put together different Gossamer lashes to create new looks, led us to design this winged liner look that’s so much easier than attempting to apply liquid liner or get your liner to match perfectly on each side. 

These lashes work great for round eyes because they help elongate the eye and give the illusion of a more almond-like shape.

2. Starburst

The starburst design is one of the most popular eyelash styles for practically all different eye shapes. The starburst design features lashes that are multi-length and multi-layered to give the look of stacked, voluminous, natural lashes. 

The Lashify Starburst and Stardust Gossamer lash sets are available in numerous colors and lengths and are also great for stacking once you’ve gotten comfortable with Gossamer lash application. 

These lash looks work well for deep-set round eyes, because they enhance the eyes and bring them forward, making your eyes appear more prominent. Match your lashes to your natural lash color or even your eye color for surprising new looks. 

3. Fan the Flame

Fanned lashes help inspire almond-shaped eyes and work well for creating additional length with round eyes. Fanned lashes can be hard to master if you are working with multiple sets of lashes or attempting to build them on your own. The Lashify Tulip Gossamer makes it easy. 

Both the Tulip and Tulip Thick Gossamer collections feature wispy, featherlight fibers that easily create the look of fanned-out lashes with zero lash mapping required. 

4. Doe Eyes

Soft, fluffy lashes resembling doe eyes are perfect for special occasions or just daily. For round eyes, it’s important to focus on extending the doe eye look through the middle and outer corner of the eye and lash line, focusing on positioning your lengthiest Gossamer lashes from the middle third of your eye outward. This will help add length and create a cat-eye look that will inspire more glam. 

We recommend following the Doe Eye Gossamer Lash Bundle map. Using these Gossamer lashes and placing them as instructed gives you a look that perfectly complements a rounder eye shape. 

5. Piece of Cake

One of the easiest ways to elevate any lash look is by adding piecey lashes that add multidimensional length and volume. At Lashify, we made it incredibly easy to add this feature to any Gossamer lash set with the Cherry Stax™ Gossamer

The Cherry Stax are the perfect addition to make your lashes piecey and to add length and volume where you need it most. For round eye shapes, you can use the Cherry Stax Gossamer to add length and volume in the outer edges of your lash line to create length and enhance your eye makeup look with lashes that perfectly complement the shape of your eyes. 

It’s a fully customizable way to get great lashes that are exactly how you prefer them. If you aren’t already using the Lashify system, now is the best time to start. 

Lashify For Life

Whether you’ve got monolid eyes, round eyes, or almond eyes, the Lashify system is for you. Our system is different from any at-home system you may have tried. From our ultra-safe, lash nourishing Bonds to our Gossamer lashes themselves, everything about Lashify makes it possible for you to Be Your Own Lash Tech™ and never have to spend hours at the lash salon again. 

Our Bonds

We don’t use lash glue to adhere our Gossamer lashes to your natural lashes. Instead, we use Bonds that contain lash-nourishing Biotin and lavender. Our Bonds never fully cure, which means they won’t leave your lashes feeling brittle or cause them to break. 

Our Gossamer Lashes

Gossamer lashes are built like a cross between lash clusters and strip lashes. Each Gossamer lash contains multiple lash fibers attached to a weightless Spine that is just a few millimeters in length. 

Gossamer lashes are applied using Underlash Technology™, which allows them to be adhered to the underside of your lashes for an easier application and more comfortable fit. With proper care, you can wear your Gossamer lashes for up to 10 days, even overnight. 

Getting started with the Lashify system is easy; you just need a little control. 

The Lashify Control Kit

Everything you need to get started with Lashify can be found in the Lashify Control Kit. Each Control Kit comes with: 

  • Two sets of Gossamer lashes. Pick two from our Curl, Amplify, or Bold collections. Add more sets to build a foundational lash wardrobe you can use for day and night. 
  • Fuse Control® Wand. You’ll never go back to tweezers again. The Fuse Control Wand is our ergonomically developed application tool specially designed to get your Gossamer lashes in place easily and effectively. The Petit Curve Wand is the best option for smaller hands and faces. The Birdie® is our travel-sized wand that makes application on the go possible. 
  • One set of Wandoms®. Wandoms prevent your Gossamer lashes from getting stuck to your Fuse Control Wand. Because our Bonds don’t fully cure, they become tacky during application. Wandoms protect your Wand and your Gossamer lashes. 
  • Whisper Light Bond™. Our most popular bond, this dual-sided adhesive has a black end and a clear end. This dual-sided bond is perfect for application and touch-ups, and it never leaves behind a sticky residue. 
  • Glass Finishing Coat. The perfect sealer for getting long wear out of your lashes. You don’t have to seal your Gossamers, but if you do, Glass is a great solution. 
  • Samples. You’ll get a sample of Pre Cleanse and Melt Away in each Control Kit. If you love them, you can always come back and shop for more. 

Everything comes wrapped up in a protective hard case with a mirror to help you apply your lashes like a pro. 

Round It Out

Your round eyes are beautiful, and you can enhance your look with the right lashes to compliment your eyes and complete your favorite makeup trends. Keep coming back for more tips and tricks for making your eyes as noticeable and beautiful as possible from the system that beauty editors rate a 10/10.


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