Black / Amplify / 12mm-14mm
Black / Amplify / 12mm-14mm

Lashify Control Kit - the patented DIY Lash Extension

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Kit Color: Black

Lash Style/Length: Amplify/Short

Wand Type: Regular

Meet the Control Kit®. Your key to total lash control. Our innovative kit is designed to give every kind of lash lover the tools to create lash magic.

The kit is designed for beginners of the Lashify System (Level 1) and the tools included must be used together for the full Lashify experience.

All kits include a free 1:1 session with a Lashify educator to ensure success should you need it and we offer lives tutorials throughout the day.
What's Inside
Fuse Control® Wand: ergonomically designed to mirror the arc of the lash line, the curvature of the cheekbone, eyelid, and bridge of the nose for precise Gossamer application. The wand's horizontal clamp force delivers the perfect fuse every time. A meticulous task master by nature, you can even use your wand as a tweezer!

Gossamer® lashes (2): patented, hand-made of the highest quality Korean PBT silk, vegan, cruelty-free, and virtually weightless. Designed to fit on the underside of your upper lashes, these lash extensions boast an undetectable spine to merge seamlessly with your natural ones.

Whisper Light® Dual Sided Bond: Biotin and Micro-flex™ technology create a flexible and nourishing cushion, protecting your natural lashes from weight and tension for a completely damage-free experience.

Glass: optional, finishes your Lashify look and extends the wear of your Gossamer lashes. This glossy finishing coat can be used daily to refresh your lashes, and for extra sheen.

Wandoms®: designed to be slipped onto the tips of the Fuse Control Wand for a cushiony and tack-free application.

Storage Box: the Control Kit® comes nestled inside our signature keep-sake box with an insert designed to store your Gossamer cartridges.
The Control Kit® is a one-time purchase! Once you're ready for more Gossamer® lashes or bonds, simply buy refills as you go. You can also join the Lashify Luxe-Box Membership to enjoy discounts and perks!

BOND: Apply a light coat of black Whisper Light® through natural lashes, wait 30 seconds. Repeat by dabbing to the base of natural lashes, concentrating above the root. Proceed by dotting clear Whisper Light about 1mm-2mm above the waterline. This serves as a marker for where to apply Gossamer lashes.

PLACEMENT: Once the bond becomes tacky, use the Fuse Control® Wand to place Gossamer lashes on the underside of your upper eyelashes. Never apply on the waterline.

GETTING LASHES WET: After application, refrain from getting Gossamer lashes wet until the bond has had time to set. Minimum of 12-24 hours.
Return Policy
You can try the Control Kit® for 30 days and if you're not all about it we'll give you a refund minus a non negotiable $20 shipping handling fee. All other products are FINAL SALE. Please handle Gossamers with care, we do not refund broken Gossamers.

Control Kits purchased with a discount code or on sale will only be eligible to receive store credit for the return.

Please note: We do not accept returns on international orders.