Lashify vs. Strip Lashes

posté par Jill Medicis on 12 June, 2024

Lashify vs. Strip Lashes

Still wearing strip lashes? Tired of worrying if your strip lash is going to last through this hot, humid summer? Sick of having to add makeup to a natural look just to cover the band of your strip lash? Well, then it’s time to trade the strip for a seamless fit. Experience Lashify's Lasting Comfort and Natural Glam! 

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, few things can make as big an impact as luscious, long eyelashes. When it comes to strip lashes, they are a thing of the past. Keep reading to see why Lashify’s patented, award-winning DIY Lash system is your new go-to for lashes. 

  • Application Method:
      1. Strip lashes are designed to be placed onto the skin of the eyelid above the natural lash. This application method allows for a myriad of mistakes. If placed too far from the lash line, you can see that they aren’t real. If placed on the natural lash they may weigh them down and damage them. 
      2. With Lashify, the Gossamer® Lash is applied to the underside of the natural lash. This application method will open the eye automatically, giving a seamless, undetectable, natural lash look. 
      3. Some people will cut up and apply a strip lash to the underside of a natural lash. This can be a problem for the natural lash because the strip lash is too heavy and can cause damage. The strip lash glue is also designed for the skin (not the lash). It often contains ingredients such as alcohol that will dry out and damage the natural lash. Lashify bonds are all designed for the natural lash. They have Micro-flex technology™, making them flexible bonds that move freely with the natural lash. All of Lashify’s Gossamer® lashes are made of Korean PBT silk, making them virtually weightless, causing zero damage to the natural lashes. (*Gossamer® lash bonus - they are also vegan and cruelty free.)


    Lashify application
  • Straight Lashes:
      1. Strip lashes can be a problem for someone with straight lashes. It often requires that you curl your natural lash prior to application, followed by the application of the strip lash, followed then by a layer of mascara, to help combine the natural lashes and strip lashes. Even after all these steps, you can’t guarantee that the natural lashes will remain blended after a few hours. 
      2. With Lashify lashes, you have an instant open eye lift just from application. Those with straight lashes don’t even have to worry about curling their natural lashes first! Once our bond is applied to the natural lash, you’ve already begun to lift the lash. Once the Gossamer lash is placed onto the underside of the natural lash, it is forced to submit to the curl of whatever Gossamer lash style you are applying! No need to worry about adding any mascara to get your lashes to fully combine.
    Drama Lash Map
    Lash map:  D.10, F.12, F.14, F.14, F.16, F.14

  • Hiding the Band:
      1. Strip lashes are applied to the upper eyelid above the lash line. They contain a soft cotton band that, once applied, needs to be covered with additional makeup. This makes your “natural” lash look go from natural to full glam without any options. 
      2. With Lashify, you can achieve the most seamless, undetectable lash look without having to add any additional makeup. Because the lash is applied to the underside of the natural lash you don’t have to worry about covering any additional band! It makes the lash look seamless, like it’s growing right out of your eyelid!
    Lash Cleavage


  • Customization:
      1. Strip lashes limit your ability to customize. They are designed to be “one size fits all”....are they really that? No. The most you can do with a strip lash is cut it to suit the length of your eye but the look you get is the look you get. 
      2. With Lashify, you can mix and match styles, colors, and lengths to create the ultimate customized lash look. We call this lash mapping in the Lashify world. Stacking can also help customize a look while still remaining virtually weightless. 
    Truffle E² Lash Map

    Lash map:  Truffle E².10, 12, 14, 16, 14

  • Wear Time & Comfort:
      1. Strip lashes are designed to be worn for one day (if they even make it that long). Often times, the corners will start to lift first, followed by the entire lash lifting and coming off. The strip lash can often feel heavy on the eye or even itchy due to a reaction to the glue. Individuals who are allergic to latex often have the biggest issue when it comes to a glue allergy. 
      2. The Lashify system is designed to be worn for as long as you’d like! Some customers will change them out daily, while others will wear them for up to 10 days! The lashes are, again, designed to be virtually weightless, meaning MAXIMUM comfort! The Lashify bonds are lab-tested, ophthalmologist approved, and free of any harsh chemicals (including latex). The entire system is designed to be for individuals with the most sensitive eyes. 
    Strip Lashes vs. Lashify


    In the world of lashes, Lashify stands out as a superior choice over traditional strip lashes. Offering unparalleled comfort, a natural look, and longer-lasting wear, Lashify provides a seamless, customizable experience that aligns with modern beauty standards. While strip lashes may offer quick fixes, they often fall short in terms of comfort and durability. By investing in Lashify, you're choosing a sophisticated, innovative solution that elevates your everyday look with ease and elegance. Make the switch to Lashify and embrace a new era of effortlessly beautiful lashes.

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