Lash Comparison: Fluffy vs Fluffy Lite

posté par GeriLyn Paguia on 29 March, 2024

Lash Comparison: Fluffy vs Fluffy Lite

“I am an innovator. I’m consistently improving and making it better.”

-Sahara Lotti, CEO/Founder/Inventory of Lashify

When Lashify first launched in 2018, there was only the Amplify Gossamer® lash. As of today, Lashify offers 24 Gossamer® lash styles, from supernatural, barely there styles to extra voluminous, to wispy accent lashes and more. It’s just like a wardrobe - so that you can customize your lash looks and express your creativity!

With each new lash and product that comes out, it always gets better, and Sahara pledges to continue to refine Lashify’s offerings. Our newest lash style, Fluffy Lite, is a fresh take on the original Fluffy Gossamer Lash. When the Fluffy lash was released in 2019, it was Lashify’s first volume Gossamer lash. This lash features a multi-length, multi-curl construction, with a dense fiber pattern. What we got was a fluffy, three-dimensional, soft volume look. Before this lash came out, we had to stack Amplify and Curl Gossamer lashes together to create a similar look. We now had a lash that would do all the work for us.

Fluffy Gossamer® Lashes
Fluffy Lashes


For those that wanted something a little extra, Sahara created Fluffy FX, a more extreme version of the Fluffy lash. It features a tighter curl and more variation in the curl of the individual fibers, creating a wilder three-dimensional lash - perfect for the lover of the untamed strip lash look.

Fluffy FX Gossamer® Lashes
Fluffy FX Lashes

Now, 5 years later, Fluffy Lite takes everything we loved about the original Fluffy lash - the soft volume, the three-dimensional look, the denser fiber content - and pares it back to give it a refined sophistication. It features thin fibers with two different thicknesses for subtle dimension, a little less curl to give a more tamed, demure fluffiness, and a super flat spine for ultimate comfort! This also makes this lash style very easy to stack with your favorite styles.

Fluffy Lite Lashes



Who is this lash made for? Everyone! You’ll especially love this lash if you love Plushy, Amplify, Curl, Stardust, or the original Fluffy. Fluffy Lite is a versatile lash. Dress it up or dress it down - it transitions perfectly from everyday wear to a sophisticated evening look. Whether you wear it alone or mix it with other lash styles, Fluffy Lite is a great addition to your lash wardrobe!

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