The Control Kit®

The award-winning product that revolutionized at-home lashes and made the DIY Lash Extension™ possible.

The Gossamer® Lash

The first lash of its kind. Patented, handmade, cruelty-free, virtually weightless, and boasting an undetectable spine. Invented to fit precisely on the underside of your natural lashes via our patented Underlash Technology™.


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Find the Control Kit that's right for you! Once we get to know you and your eyes, we can recommend exactly what you need... ahem, want.

Bonds & Sealers

Formulated and innovated by the Lashify Labs, our patented formulas are flexible and nourishing, exclusively designed to hold Gossamer® lashes while protecting the integrity of your natural lash.

Cleansers & Removers

Our exclusive patented formulas are gentle and created to assist you in the Gossamer® application and removal process with the utmost ease.


Complete your lash arsenal with a variety of bundles to choose from. Looking for a specific look? Take the guesswork out of the equation.

Tools & accessories

Designed and created to enhance your Lashify experience with an array of patented technology that makes application a thing of luxury.