Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long
Extreme² / Truffle / 14mm - Long

Extreme² Truffle Gossamer Lash Collection

Style: Extreme²

Color: Truffle

Length: 14mm - Long

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The E2. Our Extreme Gossamer® Lash with Griptex Technology™

Exclusive to Lashify, meet a revolutionary patent-pending textured base for exponential hold.

* The ultra-range E2 in 8mm–18mm.

* Available in Black and Truffle.

Patented Worldwide

Why I Made It

Ok so I’m pretty excited about the Extreme². This is the latest technology from our Lashify Labs. A GripTex™ Gossamer® has GripTex™ technology which consists of a velcro type texture that promotes adhesion. The Square collection will be for long wear and will be placed directly above the waterline. Once you Fuse I wouldn't recommend applying and removing these. I recommend wearing them for a week or two and putting on a new pair. They are strong but because the base is designed to really adhere you'll find reuse is less likely. You'll also notice an improvement of the movement of each fiber. As usual, we strive to always outdo ourselves! If you LOVE E’s the OG volume you’ll be all about these. The curl is even throughout so even and odd is available. Enjoy! x sahara


Extreme²  Gossamer® Lash Collection Eye Shape Suggestions

Suggested for Round, Almond and Downturned eye shapes

*These suggestions are simply for inspiration. Lashify is all about enjoyment! Experiment with different combinations to craft playful looks using any of our available styles. If you're curious about a specific style but uncertain if it's right for you, consider giving our A-Eye a try or joining our vibrant Lashify Life community, our Education team can assist you in lash mapping.

1. We recommend placing side by side, no need to brick stack

2. Too curly? Gently brush them through with the Fluffer brush

3. To safely remove from the cartridge, gently remove the black cartridge top prior to removing the Gossamer® lashes

4. After application, refrain from getting Gossamer lashes wet until the bond has had time to set. Minimum of 12-24 hours.

5. We all love amazing, flawless looking lashes. Whether you are playing with a strip lash, individuals, salon extensions, or Lashify DIY extensions, you want to choose the most flattering style for you! Click here to find out what eye shape you have and we'll help you choose the best lash maps!

More Info

Remember: Gossamer® lashes are part of the Lashify system and are not your basic lash strip. For best results, do not handle with regular applicators or tweezers. Use with Lashify's patented Fuse Control™ Wand and other patented tools and formulas.

Gossamer® lashes are final sale.

Extra extra be all about it


Nano-scale ridged filament base, engineered for advanced interlocking adhesion.



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Extreme Ice

Tips & Tricks

Learn all about Griptex™ Technology and how to apply the new Extreme² Gossamer® lash