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  • What is Lashify?

    Lashify® is the inimitable DIY luxury lash extension system designed to apply our innovative Gossamer® lash using our patented Underlash Technology™. Our award-winning system delivers easy to use, damage-free lashes with infinite possibilities for all eye shapes!

  • How much does it cost?

    To get started, the Control Kit™ is a one-time purchase that includes everything you need for $145*.

    After you've used the Gossamers® included in your kit, you can purchase Gossamer refills at retail price, or become an insider by joining our Luxe-Box membership to get our entire collection of Gossamers at up to 50% off retail, and select tools and bonds for 10% off.

    *We offer Afterpay, Shop Pay Installments and Sezzle so you can lash now, and cash later.

  • How do I get started?

    Everything you need to get started comes in our Control Kit™: Gossamer® lashes, Whisper Light™ dual sided bond, Fuse Control™ Wand and Glass coating. All featured in our signature luxe case with a mirror designed to perfectly apply your lashes.

  • Is Lashify easy to apply?

    Yes! But, just like everything worth doing in life, it takes some practice. Once you get used to the Underlash™ application technique and handling the Fuse Control™ Wand, it is ridiculously easy!

    Lashify® has simplified professional quality lash extensions so you can apply your own lashes in seconds— whether you're a novice, or total pro. Watch our video tutorials for a complete step by step, and check out our Lashify Educators on Instagram Live!

  • What is a Gossamer?

    A Gossamer® is our revolutionary hand-made lash that is virtually weightless and boasts an undetectable spine. It is designed to precisely fit on the underside of your lashes, merging seamlessly with your natural ones. This lash is patented worldwide.

    Gossamers were created to slowly disintegrate after several uses in order to prevent any damage to the natural lash. They are delicate and can break easily.

    Our Core, Volume, and Prismatic Gossamer® Collections encompass 7 different styles, 11 different colors, and 12 different lengths!

    Gossamers are part of the Lashify system and are not your basic lash strip. For best results, do not handle with regular applicators or tweezers. Use only with Lashify® patented Fuse Control™ Wand and other patented tools and formulas.

  • How long does Lashify last?

    That's the beauty: the choice is yours. You can apply and remove daily, or wear for up to 10 days! It's all a matter of preference, lifestyle, application method, and proper care. 

    Our Gossamer® lashes were designed to be virtually weightless in order to provide a damage-free experience, relieving your natural lashes from any weight and tension. After several uses the Gossamer lash will slowly disintegrate, as it's intended to in order to prevent damage to your natural lashes.

  • Is Lashify waterproof?

    Lashify® is water resistant. You can easily shower, swim, do water sports, and exercise while wearing Lashify - but you must wait 24 hours before wetting them. Exposure to steam will loosen the Gossamers® and soften the bonds. If they get wet, allow them to fully dry before fusing. If they loosen, simply add extra bond and fuse.

  • Is Lashify cruelty-free?

    Absolutely. We do not believe in testing on animals, there is no need to. Lashify is committed to beautiful, cruelty-free lashes. We use the finest synthetic silk in the world to create our luxuriously light Gossamers® that are comparable to, if not better than, mink, all without harming our animal friends.

    Lashify is actively involved in helping all dog breeds, especially Bulldogs, through charitable contributions and in partnership with our friends at Road Dogs & Rescue.

  • What is the Control Kit?

    The Control Kit™ is the gateway to the Lashify Life! It includes all the tools you need to apply our revolutionary system: Gossamer® lashes, Whisper Light™ dual sided bond, the Fuse Control™ Wand, and Glass coating.

    And, it's a one-time purchase. If, for some reason, you don't find yourself head over heels in love with Lashify, you can return your Control Kit within 30 days of delivery.

  • Will Lashify damage my natural lashes?

    Absolutely not. The Lashify system was created to protect the integrity of your natural lashes, and we are committed to maintaining their health.

    Our Gossamers® are virtually weightless in order to provide a damage-free experience, relieving your natural lashes from any weight and tension. They will slowly disintegrate after several uses in order to prevent any damage to the natural lash.

    Our Whisper Light™ bond contains Biotin and Micro-Flex™ technology, creating a nourishing and flexible cushion, protecting your lashes from weight and tension for a completely damage-free experience.

    Our Melt Away remover moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes and helps keep your lashes healthy by gently removing your Gossamer® lashes. No tugging, no pulling.

  • Are Gossamer lashes reusable?

    Although our Gossamer® lashes were not designed to be reused, 90% of our clients have found a way!

    Join the Lashify Life group on Facebook to get helpful tips and tricks from over 100,000 clients! To avoid any discomfort or complications, we advise wearing Gossamers® as directed, and applying a new set when you are ready.

  • I'm allergic to lash extensions, can I wear this?

    Our products do not contain any cyanoacrylate that are usually the culprit of allergies with traditional lash extensions. You should check the ingredients of all products and refrain from use of any product containing ingredients to which you may be allergic

  • Can I wear lashify? I have sensitive eyes / use contact lenses

    Great news -- unlike traditional lash extension glues, Lashify's bonds are generally safe for sensitive eyes. Our bonds are created without fumes, cyanoacrylates or formaldehydes.

    You should check the ingredients of all products and refrain from use of any product containing ingredients to which you may be allergic.

  • Can I use my own glue and tweezers?

    Our system of Gossamer® lashes, bonds, sealers, and Fuse Control™ Wand were designed to work together. We cannot guarantee results or a damage-free experience if/when Gossamers are used with traditional eyelash glue or tweezers.

  • Help! There's a problem with my order / product

    In the rare event that you experience a quality issue, please contact the Concierge right away. Images or video clearly showing the problem must be provided within a week of delivery, along with a detailed description and a photograph of your packing slip. This slip is required in order to rectify any issues. Refunds or credits are not guaranteed and are reviewed on a case by case basis. Lashify conducts strict quality control processes where orders are checked and verified before being processed and packed. If an issue is determined, we will do our best to satisfactorily resolve the matter at hand.

  • What is the Luxe membership?

    Lashify® Luxe is our membership program offering our exclusive Gossamer® lashes at up to 50% off retail prices and other products at 10% off. Best part? You're in total control: delivery frequency and product selection... the choice is yours every time.