Posted by Jill Medicis on 15 November, 2022


Eat your heart out!

Our Lashifiends have been asking for the perfect DIY Lash extension travel kit and Sahara Lotti has delivered!! The Glutton kit is my favorite new Lashify accessory/travel case. It’s actually the ULTIMATE travel case. For years, I’ve struggled with deciding which few Gossamer® Lashes to bring when I travel or go on vacation and would have to stuff my bonds, my wand, & my sealer all into my already-full overnight bag. The G2 & G3 solve this – and more! The Glutton is available in 2 different kits to really allow you to customize it, so you have space for everything you need on-the-go. I like to think of the G2 & G3 as my “Survival Lash Kit”.

Let’s dive deeper into all the options you have for storage with the G-Units!

G-Unit & Double G-Unit

The OGs of travel cases. The G-Unit was great and held 8 Gossamer® Lashes, but then we realized 8 is just NOT enough and the Double G-Unit was born, holding double the amount of Gossamer® Lashes...that’s right, “16”!! The Double G-Unit is great for someone who loves switching up their lash look with all different Gossamer® Lash styles.




Double G-Unit

But then, our Customers spoke and Sahara listened. You said you wanted a kit that held not only Gossamer® lashes but bonds, sealers, tools........and now we have the launch of the G2 & G3!!! Holding not just Gossamer® Lashes but the options for bonds, sealers, and a wand. It’s like the Control Kit on steroids!!!!


The G2 is for the person who is looking for the ultimate seal! This kit holds space for 2 sealers of your choice!! Love a good Double Seal? Fill it with Glass AND Night Bond Sealer. Love to seal with Glass but love that Control Wax allows you to prevent excess stickiness during application? Fill it with Glass and Control Wax! Inside the G2 you have spots for the following:
-  9 Gossamer® Lashes
-  Any colored V2 Fuse Control® Wand
-  Dual-Sided Whisper LightTM Bond
-  2 Sealers of your choice




The G3 is for the person who loves pairing bonds! This kit holds space for not just a Double Sided Whisper LightTM Bond, but also the option to fill it with Bondage or a single-sided bond of your choice! Inside the G3 you have spots for the following:
-  9 Gossamer® Lashes
-  Any colored V2 Fuse Control® Wand
-  Dual-Sided Whisper LightTM Bond
-  1 Sealer of your choice
-  1 Single-sided Bond of your choice



Which kit do I love?! For me it’s G3 ALL THE WAY!!!!! I love a good strong-hold achieved by pairing both Clear and Black Whisper LightTM from my dual-sided bond with a layer of Bondage. I like to seal off every application with my personal favorite sealer, Night Bond Sealer.

Not only are the G2 & G3 kits the ultimate travel case but they truly are the ULTIMATE Lash Survival Kit, giving you everything you need to make lash magic. With the holidays coming up it’s also the perfect gift for a friend, partner, mom, sister, you name it. And who are we kidding? It can also be the perfect gift for you....from you!! Be Gluttonous this year and Stuff your G-Unit!!!

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