Comparing Lash Colors - Meet the Browns

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 09 August, 2023

Comparing Lash Colors - Meet the Browns

Sometimes you want to opt for something a little lighter. The beauty of Lashify is that it gives you options. You are in control of your looks and the lash maps that will best enhance your personal style. Lashify offers alternative fiber colors to the traditional black. These fiber colors are meant to enhance the color of your natural lashes. From blondes, to redheads, to brunettes these styles and fiber color choices are an incredible way to change up your look. Let’s check out all the different options to create the most fabulous, au natural lash maps.

Intimates Colors 


This Gossamer® lash is a stunning light warm brown with a tinge of purplish red. Perfect for the blondes and strawberry blondes with nothing to hide. This lash and blue eyes, boom! I really love that we have expanded this lash into the Plus+ Collection. I have seen people of all ages rock this lash and feel so confident. 

Available styles and lengths:
A, C, A+ C+

Lash Map Inspo:

Ash Lash Map


Spice and everything nice! There's no getting caught red-handed in these.

The natural hues are designed to match your natural lash, so no one can ever tell the difference. Ginger is such a fun Intimates Gossamer lash. This, stacked with Chocolate or Dark Brown, for a Fall look, is such a stunning combination that delivers the most effortless glam. I also love that the spine is still black so it delivers a tightlined look (eyeliner along the lash line or wetline).

Available styles and lengths:
A, C, A+ C+

Lash Map Inspo:

Ginger Lash Map


The Minx Gossamer® lash pays homage to the beautiful hue found in minks, all while being PETA-friendly. Zero animal fur, all Korean PBT, cruelty-free. It is our cool mid-tone brown. Minx has a cooler, deeper feel to it. I love the B+ lash and Gemini™ Minx lash combined. It reminds me of a charcoal brown mascara, but with no clumps. It creates just enough impact without being too bold for everyday. 

Available styles and lengths:
A, C, A+, B+, C+, Gemini

Lash Map Inspo:

Minx Lash Map



Our rich, warm color haze is anything but boring! Blondes, Redheads, and Brunettes? We have the answer for you. Chocolate is our warm mid-tone brown that can be found in our Volume Collection. Chocolate Stardust and Tulip lashes are my weakness, especially when the sunlight hits the fibers - magic, I tell you! Chocolate Gossamer lashes enhance (and compliment) your eye color tenfold.

Available styles and lengths:
Fluffy, Fluffy Extreme, Plushy, Plushy Tame, Starburst, Stardust, Tulip, Tulip Thick

Lash Map Inspo:

Chocolate Lash Map 

Dark Brown 

Enhance your natural eye shape and color to create a completely unique look. No shadow or liner needed. Dark Brown Gossamer lashes in Amplify or Curl are great worn by themselves or paired with other styles, especially on the inner corner. It is always nice to place a Core Gossamer lash on the inner corner when creating a voluminous lash map for comfort.

Available styles and lengths:
A, C

Lash Map Inspo:

Dark Brown Lash Map



The Truffle Gossamer® lash is a delicious mixture of black and brown, delivering an incomparable look of dimension for brunettes or black hair. This fiber color is a step down from our black-fibered Plus lashes, providing a slightly softer look. I love to pair these with a Minx or Dark Brown Gossamer lash on the inner and outer corner. It’s really such a dreamy combination. 

Available styles and lengths:
A, C, Fluffy, Fluffy Extreme, Plushy, Plushy Tame

Lash Map Inspo:

Truffle Lash Map 

Check out our entire collection of lash styles, and start building your lash wardrobe!

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