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Are Eyelash Extension Kits Worth It?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 03 November, 2022

Are Eyelash Extension Kits Worth It?

Eyelashes are a very involved art. And just like with any art, it takes skill, practice, and the right tools to make the experience easier and more efficient. We all know how hard it can be to get started with temporary lashes, much less at-home lash enhancements like we offer at Lashify®. 

It’s just a new experience, and any help you can get to make that new experience a good one is a win in our book. Batman would be lost without his trusty utility tools to protect Gotham, and in the same way, we would be lost without the innovations of our lash toolbelt to ease the burden of lash application.

Where would you even find something so revolutionary and helpful? Why, it’s an eyelash extension kit, of course! Did you even know such a wonderful thing existed? Not many people do, which is why we wanted to answer all the questions you might have regarding the addition of an eyelash kit to your crime-fighting arsenal. 

What is an eyelash extension kit? How much is it? Is it even worth it to consider? We had these same questions once too, and we are all the better for having experienced the joy of extension kits. Oh, how much easier they can make your eyelash experience, and especially how much easier it can be on your wallet over the long haul. Let’s dive in.

What Is an Eyelash Extension Kit?

To start, let’s answer the most basic of the questions you have. What is an eyelash extension kit? What comes with it? Our eyelash extension kits are a small, portable weapon for the war on lash application. Let’s face it; sometimes, lash application can feel like an entire battle of barraging bullets and narrowly avoiding makeup casualties. 

Enter: the lash extension kit. This kit is like the sun rising over a despairing army on the final day of battle, bringing a fresh wind and new strength to every lash soldier. Dramatic, we know, but that’s the way of the lash. More drama, please. 

Upon first inspection of a new lash kit — we’ll be using our Lashify Control Kit as the prime example — you might not fully grasp the ultimate toolbelt you’re seeing. This Control Kit is the epitome of lash application tools and helping hands. This is what you’ll get: 

  • Fuse Control™ Wand
  • Gossamer® Lashes
  • Whisper Light™ Dual-Sided Bond
  • Glass
  • Wandom™ Pair
  • Storage Box
  • Pre-Cleanse Sample (literally, for free)
  • Melt-Away Sample (also, literally, for free)

What are all these fancy bullets, and why did we make you read them? Because these are all the incredible assets you’ll be receiving when you open your Control Kit for the first time. We’ll get more into what all these wonderful items are and how they work for you, but let’s solidify the purpose of the kit as a whole.

As we said, the Control Kit is your toolbelt. If you have trouble with lifting lashes, sealing them down, or cleaning them up in your day-to-day, this kit will make all of those snafus a thing of the past. It streamlines every aspect of your lash experience. Keep reading to find out how all these items can help you.

Breaking Down Eyelash Extension Kits

To start, here at the practical uses of the items we listed above:

  • Fuse Control™ Wand. This is the ultimate tweezer-like tool for Lashify application. Use it to “fuse” your lashes into place when applying and to touch up your lashes throughout your wear if you experience any lifting. Just make sure your lashes are completely dry before fusing.
  • Gossamer® Lashes. When ordering your Control Kit, take your pick of any two sets of Gossamer Lashes that your heart desires. 
  • Whisper Light™ Dual-Sided Bond. Biotin and Micro-Flex technology combine to create a perfectly unique bonding formula specifically for your Gossamer Lashes. This formula protects from weight and tension in the lashes resulting in a damage-free experience. 
  • Glass. Don’t worry; we aren’t gifting you a shard of glass. This incredible seal for your lashes can be used in tandem with your Whisper Light Bond to remove leftover tackiness from the application. It leaves a glossy finishing touch that refreshes the lashes for long-lasting glam.
  • Wandom™ Pair. These silicon masterpieces slide over your Fuse Control Wand tips to aid in a tack-free and pillowy application. You’ll never go back to your old ways after trying these babies out.
  • Storage Box. A simple thing to mention, maybe, but with all these bits and bobbles you’ll be receiving, this storage box enables you to keep everything clean and organized. No worries about losing the most vital of pieces in your lash arsenal. 
  • Pre-Cleanse Sample. Our Japanese cleansing water solution will change your lash game forever. The ultimate prep and cleanse for your Gossamer lashes, the Pre-Cleanse removes all the dirt and oil surrounding your lashes and lids that work against the lash bond, therefore, making your wear last longer and the lash quality much higher. 
  • Melt-Away Sample. Our Melt-Away lash remover is jam-packed with function and fun. No matter how long you choose to wear your lashes, when the time comes, use Melt-Away to safely and gently shed your falsies from your natural lashes. This formula works to moisturize the skin around your eyes and keep your natural lashes popping. There’s no better method of removal.

Seeing the benefits yet? You receive all of these products in a one-stop shop that sells for under $150. That’s a steal and then some. To make it even more applicable to you, let’s walk through the life of a pair of Lashify Gossamers to show you just how necessary these tools could be to you on your lash journey.

How Practical Can We Get?

You start with your free Pre-Cleanse sample to clean off all the dirt and oil from your eyelids and lashes, refreshing your natural assets while preparing the eyes for those lovely Gossamer Lashes. You then snag that Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond and coat your lashes, ready to apply your falsies. 

Your Fuse Control Wand takes center stage as you deftly apply each and every Gossamer Lash to their new home, fusing them into place where they won’t budge. To ensure that, you recoat your new lashes with the Glass Finishing Coat, locking in your lashes and removing all the excess glue residue from the bond. 

Over the course of their flawless wear, you can frequently clean your lashes with more of the Pre-Cleanse solution, keeping them fresh and glossy. And when the time finally comes to trade in your old Gossamer Lashes for a fresh set or to give your natural lashes time to breathe, you safely remove the falsies with that Melt-Away solution, protecting and nourishing your eyes as you do so.

And bang, just like that, you're dusting off your hands, satisfied with your all-inclusive lash experience, flawlessly executed thanks to the Lashify Control Kit. 

The Most Lash Bang for Your Buck

If that dramatic display of efficiency and purpose didn’t push you over the edge into committed territory, then, girl, we don’t know what will. 

Are eyelash extension kits worth it? The short and long of it is yes! You’re taking a plethora of products that might just break the bank separately and getting them in one complete package that will change your application forever.

Your wallet will thank you, but more importantly, your lashes will thank you for using safe, tested, and reliable products on that sensitive skin of yours. 

You can trust the unique formulas at Lashify because we create everything with our products specifically in mind. There is nothing else like it out there on the lash market, and we take pride in offering these innovations to lash lovers everywhere.

We can’t wait for you to take the plunge with us and never look back. The Lashify Control Kit will be waiting patiently for you to take it home with you, and we’ll be here to reassure you every step of the way. 


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