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Lana wanted her lashes to be fresh and wispy...

Posted by Meaghan Droney on 27 March, 2020

Janelle Monae

“I used B12’s on the inner corners and blended them into the B14’s and then into the B16’s. For some drama I stacked C18’s on the outer corners to elongate and pop Janelle’s eyes”
- Jessica Smalls, celebrity make-up artist
Stacked Lashify Gossamers matched Janelle Monae's lash-tastic dress.


Lupita Nyong’o

"For the Met Gala Camp theme tonight, we drew inspiration from camp icon Divine from some of my favorite John Waters movies. We played up the brows and eyes by super exaggerating it and make it look a lot larger and almost cartoonish, the key is to keep it graphic with strong black liner and long feathery lashes. I placed the Lashify no. C10, C12 and C14 on her top lashes using longest one (no. C14 on outer corners and shorter ones C10) toward the inner. This way it really plays up the elongated super exaggerated eye shaped.”

- Nick Barose, celebrity make-up artist

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Lana Condor

"Lana wanted her lashes to be fresh and wispy, so I knew that a combination of different Gossamer Lashes would create exactly the look that she wanted. I decided on the “A” collection because I absolutely love their delicate yet strong nature. I started with two clusters of A14 (Long 14mm) on the outside corners of Lana’s eyes. From there, I worked my way in by using two clusters of A12 (Medium 12mm) in the center and then two of the A10 (Short 10mm) on the very inside corners. This turned out to be the perfect combination to create the fluttery look that Lana and I both wanted for the Met Gala!”

- Anton Khachaturian, celebrity make-up artist


Salma Hayek

“Lashify is a new and exciting addition to my kit! It gives me the ability to create all kinds of lash looks and extensions that last more than just one application. They stay for up to a week! For this event with Salma Hayek we chose to create an ultra dramatic lash look to compliment her amazing dramatic Gucci dress and headpiece! I used F14 and F16 Gossamers to create a dramatic full lash effect.... After a little practice it becomes second nature. These took less than 10 min.”

Matthew Van Leeuwen, celebrity make-up artist


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AwkwafinaFor Awkwafina, celebrity makeup artist Kirin Bhatty used Lashify C12 and C14 gossamers and added some rhinestones for extra effect.


Hailee Steinfeld

“Using Lashify in both top and bottom in A12, B16, and F14”

Carolina Gonzalez, celebrity make-up artist


Laura Donnelly

“Laura has long lashes of her own but I added a few Lashify lashes for fullness."

Brigette Reiss Anderson, celebrity make-up artist


Tracee Ellis Ross

“Tracee is going as a work of art, she is in a gorgeous Moschino dress by the brilliant Jeremy Scott. The look for beauty was a version of Bedouin/Egyptian and for me an Afghan Khloe liner. I used A10 and A12 then added a custom fish tail shape lash I made with C18”.

Matin, celebrity make-up artist


Charlotte Casiraghi

“Think Euro-Chic: Let beauty speak for itself! My inspiration for Ms Casighari’s makeup is a cool, understated approach to High Glam: fresh looking skin, a bit of definition on the eyes and a glamorous lip - but nothing overdrawn, overdone or over the top. The message: No matter where she is, what she wears or what she does, this girl stays chic! I wanted the lashes to look naturally fuller but not longer. In order to make that look possible, I used 4-5 x A10’s from one third of the eye toward the outer corner. I ended with 2 x C12 to elongate the eye a little. This is a good way to add intensity to the eye without the need for heavy eye shadow or pencil.”

Brigette Reiss Anderson, celebrity make-up artist



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