How To Achieve Natural Wispy Lashes With Extensions

How To Achieve Natural Wispy Lashes With ExtensionsLashify

Natural-looking lashes aren't restricted to our color-matching intimates collection, nor are they restricted to just classic Curl lashes. You can still get a natural look with wispy Gossamers and wispy lash maps. 

Wispy lashes are one of the most requested lash styles, so you have good taste! Time for a taste of these fluffy, fluttery lashes that accentuate your natural beauty. 

What are Wispy Lashes?

They sound ethereal, soft, and fluttery, but what are wispy lashes really? What makes them “wispy”? Wispy lashes are defined by their feathery appearance, which is why they’re sometimes also called feather lashes. They start thinner at the base and then gradually get thicker toward the tip. 

Wispy lashes make your eyes appear to open wider, giving you an enhanced but still natural look appropriate for everyday wear. With some added volume, wispy lashes can also be great options for glamorous special occasions. 

There are a few different styles of wispy lashes. Factors like curl, fiber thickness, and length can totally change the look of a wispy lash. You can sort wispy lashes into three basic categories: 


Classic wispy lashes are the most natural-looking option. They look natural because they utilize thinner, generally shorter lash fibers. Even at their peaks, classic wispy lashes are shorter than other styles. Like all wispy lashes, they combine fibers of different lengths. Classic wispy lashes provide subtle length and volume for subtle enhancement to your natural lashes. 


Volume wispy lashes use a greater number of lashes per fan to create denser volume, but they still utilize fibers of different lengths. The individual lashes are thinner than the lash fibers in classic lashes. 

Each volume lash fan will contain two to six individual lashes. Volume wispy lashes will get you a fuller, more dramatic look while still looking feathery soft. These are perfect for special occasions or even everyday wear if you like to radiate main character energy. 

Also, in this category, you’ll find Mega Volume. Mega Volume is characterized by its over-the-top dramatic style, thanks to even more fibers per fan than regular volume lashes. To style Mega Volume wispy lashes, use a mix of short and wide fans. 


As the name might suggest, hybrid wispy lashes combine the best parts of classic and volume wispy lashes. They mix the fibers of different thicknesses, thin from the volume and thick from the classic. 

You can get a hybrid look by literally mixing lash fans from the volume collection and the classic collection, or you can get a fan that is itself a hybrid lash. Hybrid lashes can be as classic or as voluminous as you make them; the style will be totally unique to you. 

Who Should Try Wispy Lash Looks?

The best eye shape for wispy lashes is…..all of them! There is no one best eye shape for wispy lashes; they’re a perfectly good choice for anyone. 

Round eyes and downturned eyes may get the biggest enhancement from wispy lashes, though wispy lash looks are great for any eye shape. Anyone who’s looking for some flutter lashes should try a wispy style. 

Styling a Wispy Lash Map 

First of all, what is lash mapping? Lash mapping is the planning phase before you apply your lashes. You plot out where you’ll place each lash fan along your lash line. 

While you should do a lash map each time you apply your Gossamers, lash mapping is especially important for wispy lash styles since the variation in lengths creates peaks and valleys that need to be placed with precision to maintain a natural look. 

Something to consider when mapping wispy lashes is the placement of the peaks, aka spikes. Wispy lashes typically combine lash fibers of different lengths. As such, the longest lashes in the fan form little spikes. 

Applied correctly, they should look naturally fluffy– the entire purpose of the variation in length is to mimic and exaggerate the natural variance in your natural lashes.

Check out the Starburst Gossamers to help you visualize. When mapping Gossamers of uniform length, the exact placement of the Gossamer in relation to your pupil or to the surrounding Gossamers is not as critical in comparison. 

You can create a wispy lash map using just classic lashes; you don’t strictly need to get dedicated wispy Gossamers, although doing so will definitely make your application easier and get you a perfect wispy look every time. If you’re sticking with primarily classic lashes, consider alternating Curl and Drama Gossamers for more variation in texture.

There are a variety of specific ways to style your wispy lashes. Here are some popular styles: 

  • Kim K’s Wispy Lashes: Iconic as Kim Kardashian, this wispy lash style utilizes hybrid lashes to create a bold, voluminous look.

  • Doll Eye (Open Eye) Lashes: Doll eye styles put the longest lash squarely in the middle of your lash line. Try to keep the variance of lash length within a 5mm range. We suggest 8mm for the corners and building up to 12mm in the center.

  • Wispy Cat Eye Lashes:  In this style, the shortest lashes begin in the inner corner, and the length gradually increases such that the longest lashes go on the outer corner. A Reverse Cat Eye, as the name might suggest, places the longer lashes in the center, but the length doesn’t change as drastically from one corner to the other.

  • Squirrel Eye Lashes: Squirrel lash maps are the middle ground between doll eye and cat eye. The longest lashes are located halfway between the outer corner and the center of the lash line. This look is great for almond-shaped eyes and downturned eyes. 

No matter which lash map you’ve chosen to style, don’t forget to brush once that final fuse has set. Use your fluffer brush to lightly comb through the lashes and separate any stuck together.

Wispy Gossamer Styles

Can you get lashes that are wispy but also rock some big volume? Yes! It all depends on which lashes you use. We’ve referenced some of these above, but let’s get the deets. Here are the best Gossamer styles to use for wispy lash maps: 


From the classic collection, the Curl Gossamer is truly the staple of any collection, as it pairs with practically everything. What lets the curl pair with anything? It’s lightweight and fluttery like the Amplify, and it packs the density of the Bold. Wispy styles make the eye appear more open, and so do the curl lashes, all on their own! 

How to make it wispy: Brick stack Curl lashes of varying lengths or combine them with volume or stylized lashes to create a wispy volume look. 


The most classic of the volume collection, Drama is your launchpad into volume. Drama Gossamers have a super tough curl because of their two-ply fibers. They add dense volume thanks to the cross-weave (which is actually a Lashify signature technique!). These lashes pair well with Amply for length and Bold for mega volume.

How to make it wispy: Brick stack Drama lashes of varying lengths, or combine them with Curl, Starburst, or Stardust to create a wispy volume look. 


The Fluffy Gossamer is designed to be fluttery and fluffy– the very same adjectives you’d want to describe your wispy lashes. Fluffy lashes are one of our most popular styles. They have a super tight curl, which makes them appear a bit shorter, so if you’re on the fence about which lengths to pick, go a little longer. 

So what makes them wispy? Fluffy Gossamers have multidimensional layers (just like you do), and this variation between Gossamers not only makes each Fluffy totally unique (just like you), it also makes them great candidates to feature in a wispy lash map.

How to make it wispy: Pair them with Amplify or Curl Gossamers from the classics. Choose longer-length Fluffy Gossamers than the classic lash you choose. Try utilizing Fluffy in a Squirrel-eye lash map. 


Stardust is basically THE wispy lash in our catalog! They contain five feathery layers of wispy, silky goodness. In those layers, you’ll find multiple lengths at the same lash thickness as the classic Curl lashes. When selecting a length, remember, the length listed is the longest point on the fan, not the average. 

How to make it wispy: It’s got this down all on its own! But you can certainly brick stack it with Curl Gossamers, or if you’re feeling spicy, you can do your whole map with just Stardust. 


Starburst Gossamer are our original multi-layered, multi-length, built-in-wispiness lashes. These Gossamers are super versatile and super lightweight. These are super similar to Stardust, but these would be better if you’re mapping for mega volume. The same rules apply; the listed length describes the longest point on the fan, so choose your length accordingly. 

How to make it wispy: You can wear a map of exclusively Starburst or stack them with classic and volume lashes for maximum volume. Try Starburst with a Doll Eye style. You’re in luck; we have a special mapping guide specifically for the Starburst lashes. 


  • Wispy lashes are defined by their variation in lash length, and the inverted thickness changes from lash to tip when compared to classic lashes.

  • Wispy lashes are great for any eye shape.

  • There are several ways to get a wispy style by combining different styles of lashes in different maps.

  • Lashify can recommend some great wispy Gossamer styles and show you some tutorials on applying a wispy lash map.

  • Wispy lashes are super trendy right now, so it’s a great time to give the look a try!


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